Live from HIX: introducing City Vibes from Zimmer + Rohde

If you find yourself on the gallery at HIX, stop by at stand U7 to discover the new Zimmer + Rohde collections, where the colours and textures of ‘City Vibes’ caught our eye, and the innovative material and manufacturing techniques caught our attention…

Zimmer + Rohde City Vibes fabric collection moodboard from HIX 2022

One of the most exciting aspects of urban living is the almost limitless possibilities that are available to everyone, whether permanent residents or visitors stopping by for a weekend or on a business trip to soak up the pulsating atmosphere of a metropolis. The concentration of different lifestyles, cultural influences and art forms continually inspires the creation of new and surprising ideas for collective life in the city.Interiors blossom into creative collages; private spaces open up to reveal vivid personal portraits of the people living in them. Public spaces such as hotels, restaurants and bars can reference their immediate surroundings to imbue the interior setting with a distinctive identity –a sense of place – creating a welcoming feel of home. Both expressiveness and functionality are equally important.

The new Zimmer + Rohde collection does justice to this sophisticated mix of extremely diverse expectations by valuing the creativity of artists and artisans and emphasising new features by using innovative material and manufacturing techniques. City Vibes boasts a casual, natural look with a focus on the greatest range of applications possible. With names like ‘Hyde Park’ and ‘Times Square’, the collection clearly references its point of inspiration.

A photo showcase for the collection was held in an apartment once owned by Auguste Perret, one of the pioneering architects and city planners of the twentieth century. This architectural jewel in the heart of Paris dating from 1934 is the perfect backdrop for these expressive textile personalities. The influence of this gorgeous, timeless mid-century style, which is inherent in some of our new designs, is exquisitely highlighted by the interplay of incredibly modernist architectural elements. Functionality and elegance combine to create a harmonious balance in this interior, which remains unchanged to this day – an homage to what excellent design can achieve and embody.

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Main image credit: Zimmer + Rohde