Lighting case study: The DuPont patisserie

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    Lighting case study: The DuPont patisserie

    Masiero’s latest project was to supply a new lighting scheme inside The DuPont patisserie, which included the Nappe and Eva collection…

    The DuPont patisserie is an institution founded in Dives sur Mer in Normandy in 1912. This historical success story is closely bound to the values of tradition and excelllence passed on from father to son in the DuPont family.

    Jean Pierre Etienvre Meilleur Ouvrier de France came to lead the Maison DuPont in 1990 with the sole purpose of offering quality products sublimated by the taste and memories of childhood. He kept the DuPont name, while adding “with tea”, so as to brand the gourmet tea rooms in the Cote Fleurie towns of Cabourg, Trouville sur Mer and Deauville.

    Image credit: Masiero

    Unmissable, with its trellis and gracious blue facade, the Dives sur Mer shop, a historical address since 1912, also offers special creations of the Maison.
    DuPont avec un the’ is also a key location for lovers of chocolate.

    As an artist, but not only in patisserie, Jean Pierre Etienvre has selected two iconic Masiero collections – Nappe and Eva – to light up his patisserie, an undisputed symbol of Normandy.

    Masiero is a family decorative lighting business going back almost 40 years and is recognised worldwide for its creations; these range from the classical world, detailed in the Atelier catalogue, to the contemporary sphere in the Dimore catalogue, both complemented by the outdoor collection called Drylight.
    Each collection in the Dimore catalogue stands out for its unique designs, which will captivate you, with their running theme being the remarkable Masiero taste.

    Walking into this paradise of good taste, you’ll be able to admire the Nappe lights in a delicate white hue as they adorn the tasty counter as if an elegant garland. The Nappe design, unique and unmistakable, was created by Marco Zito, who took inspiration from the tassels used in the past in grand Venetian salons to close substantial curtains; these Nappe light up the patisserie with great style, with the interplay of pastel hues that are a feature of the locale.

    The Eva collection, designed by the Fly Studio for Masiero, was chosen to light up the tables where visitors will be able not only to taste the delicacies of the patisserie but also to appreciate the welcoming and elegant environment. The marriage of classic and modern which are the hallmark of Eva, make this design a spot-on one for contemporary settings with a touch of the classic.

    Masiero is one of our Industry Support Package clients and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: Masiero

    Hamish Kilburn / 13.11.2020


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