LEDS C4 lights up Valencia

The team of lighting designers from LEDS C4 created a temporary light installation on Calatrava’s iconic Hemisfèric building, lighting up Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences in blue for one night…

lighting brand LEDS C4 lights up the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia in blue

Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences architectural complex swapped its iconic white colour for blue for one day. A corporate lighting project that, in the words of LEDS C4’s team of lighting designers: “sought to bring a corporate feel through colour, with the aim of creating a brand universe that was capable of turning the evening into an experience.”

The project’s success lay in its ability to harmoniously imbue the architectural surface with colour, so that it precisely covered the desired areas of cladding of the original Hemisfèric building, achieving a clean and stunning visual effect. The light installation was arranged to display the blue corporate logo of the company GES, the host of the private event that evening.

LEDS C4 blue lighting of event venue in Valencia with corporate logo

Image credit: LEDS C4 / Biel Aliño

Using the colour blue and playing with round elements such as rings and the ‘Pearl – the building’s central architectural element, consisting of a 30-metre sphere – the project by the LEDS C4 team was designed to showcase the concept that was the theme of the event: Building synergies between Companies.

With Tron, a wall washer, the surface of the ‘Pearl’ was illuminated vertically, achieving uniform lighting both inside and outside. Inside the hall where the private gala dinner was held, LEDS C4’s Cocktail portable lamp set the perfect scene, creating various ambiences with different light sources. Maintaining this uniformity in colour, blue was also prevalent in the inside areas of the building, the entrances and the main hall where the private gala dinner was held. Only small oases of warm white light were created in the middle of the tables, thanks to LEDS C4’s Cocktail portable lights.

The sides of the building’s roof gave the architecture an almost magical touch. The reflection of the side facing the artificial lake created a spherical mirage, merging the solidity of the architecture with the fluidity of the water in a single luminous figure. The project also featured several three metre high totem poles, lit in the same blue as the main stage and also serving to signpost the entrance to the event.

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Main image credit: LEDS C4 / Biel Aliño