Inside the secret garden at Fairmont Windsor Park

Ensuring a connection to nature is ever present, Leaflike continues the floral experience with its biophilic arrangements in an explosion of blooms and colour in the Fairmont Windsor Park

Leaflike floral display at The Fairmont Windsor Park

Leaflike has extended the quintessential English floral experience, which frames the Fairmont Windsor Park. From the sweeping lawns that surround the hotel to the beautifully landscaped gardens and fountains, the hotel has always been ‘at one with nature’. But now, the hotel has added a ‘secret garden’ café to the hospitality experience, which takes guests into another world.

“The English floral experience complements the venue and helps to carry the customers into another world,” explained the Leaflike Design Team. “It becomes a secret garden; a zen paradise to take you away from every day life.”

Fairmont Windsor Park, is set in the English countryside where history and iconic elegance merge to create an outstanding destination. The floral displays created by Leaflike were done to enhance both the destination and the guest experience. Luxurious hanging foliage forms a colourful boarder around the canopy of the Courtyard Hydrotherapy Vitality Pool. The florals arranged in an informal sequence of purple wisteria, soft pink, deep pink and dark blue Delphiniums with white blossom to complement the pink blossom trailing across the trellis of the poolside. Well placed troughs with white geranium blooms placed along the surrounding pathways, the floral displays are everywhere enhancing the guest experience.

pink and red floral display by Leaflike at Fairmont Windsor

Image credit: Leaflike

“We are very excited about opening our Courtyard Hydrotherapy Vitality Pool later this summer,” said Katarina Nielsen, Marketing and Communications Director, Fairmont Windsor Park. “It is a wonderful addition to our already vast spa and wellness offering and will be the perfect spot this summer to relax under the beautiful canopy by Leaflike. Next door, Greens Café is a welcoming environment serving wellness choices and is also complemented by the lifelike greenery designed by the Leaflike team.”

The trailing plants and flowers by Leaflike for Green’s Café, create a floral border and ceiling hanging in the centre of the space. Adding to the already glamorous ceiling glass structure, the green ivy and foliage, white Orchids and pink Delphiniums, plus red roses and red hydrangea complement the interior seating colour scheme and contrast with the striking black and white flooring design. Covering walls, pillars and archways leading into the private dining area, this is a showstopper of biophilic design, on brand for Fairmont Windsor Park.

The café is well placed outside the Fairmont Spa and Wellness and brings into play the perfect biophilic design for the ambiance of the space. The display creates the desired effect of luxury combined with the feeling of a natural environment to enhance the guest experience.

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Main image credit: Leaflike