Industry insight: Statement interior lighting

    Minimalistic living room interior with concrete walls, arc shaped window, a coffee table and two white armchairs near it. 3d rendering.
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    Industry insight: Statement interior lighting

    Design inspiration starts with that one magnificent statement piece, a piece that reflects your remarkable personality and style. Christopher Hyde Lighting offers just that – collections of luminaires designed and manufactured to make a statement…

    Minimalistic living room interior with concrete walls, arc shaped window, a coffee table and two white armchairs near it. 3d rendering.

    Whether it be a modern living area in a luxury New York apartment or a spacious entry way in a private residential home nestled between boulders along the coastline, Christopher Hyde manufactures one-of-a-kind luminaires to suit any interior using only the highest quality materials. The majority of our fittings are made from solid brass with up to 18 different finishes.

    The classic collection consists of more traditional and ornate luminaires, whilst the contemporary collection comprises minimalist designs made from carefully sourced traditional materials such as genuine solid brass, crystal, luxury Italian leather, glass, chinette and linen giving each fitting a modern highly refined design. These traditional materials also add texture and depth to any space.

    The Houston Collection which consists of a spiral chandelier, five light pendant and wall light, might have a minimalist design but the fittings within this collection are nothing short of grandeur. The multi-level spiral shaped chandelier with six shades extends significantly from the ceiling, whilst the five light pendant has an expansive diameter with a shorter drop, making it ideal for lower ceilings.

    Manufactured with a nut-brown painted stem, finished in polished nickel with stone or dark grey coloured chinette shades this collection would fit perfectly in architectural surroundings with a muted colour palette. This collection would complement wood built-in cabinetry or detailed art due to its more minimalist design.

    Houston 2 light wall light

    Image credit: Christopher Hyde Lighting

    Vaulted or recessed ceilings either in an entry way or staircase would be the ideal location to showcase the spiral shaped chandelier. The six shades at multi-levels adds texture and dimension to the vast space. It is important to view a space in its entirety and the spiral shaped chandelier will definitely draw the eye upwards allowing the viewer to take in the opulence of the space.

    Coming down to eye-level, the Houston wall light would perfectly frame a tufted linen headboard or provide sufficient illumination and balance amongst detailed art pieces and prints in the form of a collage which would make for an interesting feature in a hallway or bedroom.

    A core principle at Christopher Hyde is to provide additional technological features to its beautifully designed, individual, decorative luminaires. This dedicated LED technology in the design of a traditional candle lamp produces the same light output as a traditional tungsten candle lamp and contributes significantly to energy efficiency with an 80 per cent saving using only 11W. With this technology customers also have the option of including dimming capabilities on several of our most popular, one-of-a-kind luminaires.

    Christopher Hyde Lighting is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: Christopher Hyde Lighting

    Hamish Kilburn / 15.10.2021


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