Editor’s pick: top 6 fabric collections launched in 2023

    floral fabric on chairs behind desk and lampshades in florals with sanderson trim against olive green wall
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    Editor’s pick: top 6 fabric collections launched in 2023

    Fabrics have long been in designers’ toolboxes when taking art outside the frame. In this exclusive round-up, Hamish Kilburn, Editor of Hotel Designs, takes a look back at the most captivating fabric collections that have launched in 2023…

    floral fabric on chairs behind desk and lampshades in florals with sanderson trim against olive green wall

    There is nothing more tactile than a story being told in design through fabrics. This year in the world of fabric and textile design, we have seen eras that have been reimagined with a modern twist, vibrant colours that have allowed fabrics to take centre stage and even nature crawl into designs to blur the boundary between spaces.

    While there have been a plethora of new collections in fabrics, we have whittled it down to our favourite six collections that launched in 2023.

    Emery Walker’s House from Morris & Co.

    close up of a corner of an upholstered headboard in morris & Co pattern with leaves and birds in blue

    Image credit: Sanderson Design Group

    Collaborator, comrade, friend and neighbour – Sir Emery Walker was all these things and more to the now-iconic designer, William Morris. This collection, which launched in early 2023 and was showcased during Deco Off in Paris, centres on Walker’s abode, 7 Hammersmith Terrace, where a rich variety of original Morris & Co. furnishings still ornament rooms today. Rediscovering designs long out of production and incredible handmade artefacts from the house, this collaboration celebrates 7 Hammersmith Terrace as one of the last great vestiges of the Arts & Crafts movement.

    The Enjoyable Outdoor collection from Dedar

    deckchairs on a black and white tiled surface with seats in fabric from Dedar Campus

    Image credit: Dedar

    High performance, easy to use fabrics for outdoors, the Enjoyable Outdoors collection from Dedar finds a common ground in its complete ease of use. Through its design and craftsmanship, the fabrics can absorb any type of strain or impact without being damaged. From bad weather to heavy usage, the basis of use is for fun and relaxation, with the freedom to seize every opportunity without having to worry about maintenance or other practical constraints.

    Time collection, brought back to life by Skopos

    Skopos Time collection fabric samples

    Image credit: Skopos

    Making its first appearance in 2006, the Time collection from Skopos brought together geometric outlines and more organic silhouettes, wet-printed onto the ‘Cool Linen’ cloth. The linen/cotton mix base-cloth added natural beauty to the collection, and the series of graphic shapes kept the collection eye-catching, yet simple. Among the designs, Silence gave a feeling of retro calm, with its stretched ogee shape and vertical movement. Keeping the same scale and pattern, the updated design has simply been given a linen background texture for our Anniversary collection and is offered in two colourways.

    Blackout fabrics from Edmund Bell

    grey voile next to solid grey curtain in floor to ceiling window with cream chair in front

    Image credit: Edmund Bell

    At the heart of every guest’s experience lies the quest for comfort. From the moment they step foot into the guestroom, visitors seek a tranquil atmosphere that soothes the senses. This is where the blackout fabrics from Edmund Bell emerge as the unsung heroes of hospitality design. By offering impeccable light control, these fabrics empower guests to tailor the environment to their desires. Be it a late afternoon nap, an uninterrupted sleep-in, or simply the preference for a dimly lit space, blackout fabrics place the power of ambiance at one’s fingertips.

    AW23 collection of sheers from Dedar

    pink mosaic column, blue floor and Dedar Chatwin silk fabric and wall covering

    Image credit: Dedar / Andrea Ferrari

    In September, Dedar showcased its autumn collection, enveloping both fabrics and wallcoverings in which yarn is the protagonist with all its unique and unrepeatable irregularities. Amidst threads that intertwine to recount stories and materials of new dimensional suggestions, the new collection from Dedar is an impassioned focus on natural fibres, revealing a candour and tactile charm that emanates refinement. Silk, linen and raffia take centre stage in the Plain Classics, Texturologie and Transparencies collections, in which fabric assumes unique forms and features.

    India Hicks collection with Heirlooms

    printed and embroidered linen from Heirlooms on a bed with colourful art behind

    Image credit: Heirlooms

    Completing our round-up of fabrics on a playful note is a new collection from Heirlooms, designed by British designer India Hicks. On the surface, Hicks has created a beautiful collection of bedding, with soft colour palettes, that blend nicely into Heirlooms’ portfolio. Look deeper, however, and you start to see accents of humour –  an unexpected ant on the reverse of the conch shell embroidery cushion, along with the odd quirky references to the designer’s Bahamian life with glimpses of her much-loved dog Banger and parrot Jenga hidden amongst the spider lilies and sunsets.

    Dedar, Sanderson Design Group and Skopos are Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our Recommended Suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: Sanderson Design Group

    Hamish Kilburn / 15.12.2023


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