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  • Desforma: Redefining form and function in furniture

    Desforma verona curved corner sofa
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    Desforma: Redefining form and function in furniture

    Putting seating under the spotlight since its establishment in 1994, Desforma continues to  transform conventional sofa and armchair design with its architectural and sculptural creations…

    Desforma verona curved corner sofa

    The Desforma brand is led by creative family duo, furniture designer Brigita Marija Spokaite-Norvaise and her father Kestutis Spokas. They work as a team to create the art-like furniture, which not only makes a strong statement, but is also trusted for the quality of its manufacturing, materials and its unique architectural design. The distinctive furniture forms are fuelled by the innovative technology that allows the creation of extraordinary pieces. A spheric construction technology, which was certified in Geneva, provides an opportunity to expand visionary limits of traditional furniture design and to create uniquely carved forms, which are reminiscent of sculptural shapes.

    sculptural form of desforma verona sofa in cream

    Image credit: Desforma

    Desforma’s creations continue to showcase the original aspiration of the brand, which is to transform seating design into sculptural statements, giving everyday furniture edge and elegance. Seating shifts from the functional to centre stage, while becoming the defining point of an interior space. The collection is created from a combination of art and interior design, blending round and soft shapes that allow for optimal comfort while making a strong and sophisticated visual impression.

    Its use of technology to support design, allows Desforma free range when creating pieces that, like a sculpture, look good from every angle, no matter where you are in a room. Known for being the only company in the world that is applying the high-end spheric technology, Desforma is able to remain at the forefront of design by focusing on durability, timeless style, lasting elegance, and elevated functionality.

    Grounded while always maintaining a sense of luxury, what makes a Desforma design stand out, is the fact that they shape and shift the space they are in, and create a strong visual statement while still maintaining a commitment to functionality. This is seating which can be configured to a range of interiors and is equally at home in a modern private home, smart co-working spaces, to the lobby of a fashionable hotel – whatever the space, a Desforma couch is so much more than a place to sit.

    Desforma is one of our Recommended Suppliers and regularly features in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our Recommended Suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: Desforma

    Pauline Brettell / 12.01.2022


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