Custom-made furniture for a bespoke world

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    Custom-made furniture for a bespoke world

    DOMINGO has been making upholstery since 1973, when three craftsmen friends decided to start their own company. Today their sofas, armchairs, banquettes showcase in hotels, restaurants, spas, cruise liners, yachts, and residences around the world…

    The three friends still go to work although they have now trained the second generation of upholsterers, making sure that their legacy is passed on and their skills continue.

    DOMINGO’s stylish product are handcrafted according to the best Italian tradition in their workshops in Italy. The company only uses solid hard wood for their frames whilst the foams chosen for their sofas are designed for intense usage.

    Technology has been integrated into the process in the form of laser guided cutting tables. This guarantees precision and reduces fabric waste.

    DOMINGO’s standard product offering is vast given the several lines produced under the DOMINGO and also the stylish models produced and distributed with the ADRENALINA line (a label by DOMINGO).

    For many years DOMINGO has been working in partnership with designers and/or fit out companies across the globe on a wide variety of commercial projects. DOMINGO knows by now that every space presents its own individual features, therefore the company allow their clients the option to make alterations on their standard products or even to create bespoke pieces starting from as little as a sketch.

    Each standard product by DOMINGO can be modified in width, length and depth, can be realised in COM (customer’s own material), can be integrated with accessories such as plugs, USB ports and Phone chargers when the structure allows it.

    Making each product in house, by hand allows DOMINGO to deliver the highest possible quality whilst being able to manage client’s individual requests.

    DOMINGO operates a NO MINIMUM policy. They will make and ship just one armchair, if this is what your project requires. It goes without saying, the same care and attention is used to make one sofa for a family living room or hundreds of sofa bed for a hotel project.

    The company has turned an area of their workshop into a PROTOTYPING ROOM, staffed with a few of their most experienced craftsmen. This is the room where new shapes are invented, new lines are tried and new styles are tested in terms of structure and balance.

    The in-house team of designers at DOMINGO can provide 2D and 3D files of catalogue standard products (all available upon request). They can also help with the placement of products in 2D and 3D files should your designers be too busy or under deadline.

    DOMINGO can help design practices with their FR standards and certifications, studying ad hoc solutions when required.

    The experience gained by being creatively challenged on their own “upholstery turf”, turns DOMINGO and its staff the ideal partner for architects and designers of interiors as they are not just makers but they act more as project consultants. This collaboration between creatives and craftsmen over the years have produced some outstanding products.

    Adrenalina (the design label by DOMINGO) is also the outcome of this collaboration between creatives and artisans in DOMINGO.

    When architect and product designer SIMONE MICHELI came to see us with an “explosive idea”, the BOMB was born.

    When Swarosky launched their new crystal collection (2012) they turned to ADRENALINA to find a way to embed their gems to celebrate the event.

    When another client requested a sofa to be made from an ALFA ROMEO car, a real one (he added), DOMINGO contacted a famous car maker in Italy to negotiated the purchased of a red car shell so they could place their sofa in it.

    Image credit: DOMINGO

    When a restaurant owner insisted in wanting a nine-metre Chester Sofas for his restaurant all in one piece, DOMINGO embraced the challenge. Not only did they make the couch as per their client’s specification, but they also arranged for an extra-long truck to deliver it and rented an industrial machine to lift and move it to the assigned area.

    Image credit: DOMINGO

    When the AQUADOME spa turned to DOMINGO to add a new take on soft seating in their wellness centre, the solution delivered was some vibrant padded loungers with polystyrene microbeads, covered in waterproof, antibacterial material.

    DOMINGO SALOTTI is one of the brands that has taken advantage of our Industry Support Package. To keep up to date with supplier news, click here.

    Main image credit: DOMINGO

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