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  • Celebrating imperfections in design with Granorte

    A textured grey surface from Granorte
    730 565 Hamish Kilburn
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    Celebrating imperfections in design with Granorte

    With the blend of Japanese and Scandinavian interior styling making itself felt in the Japandi trend, Granorte’s Wabi cork wall covering executes the look to perfection…

    A textured grey surface from Granorte

    Bringing the warmth and calming influence of natural finishes in elegant fashion to walls, Wabi is a wall tile from Granorte, made entirely of recycled natural cork, leftover from wine stopper production. Bringing new meaning to walls in private residences and commercial locations alike, Wabi takes influence from wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy of appreciating the beauty that can be found in the imperfect creations of nature.

    The cork wall tile’s elegant aesthetic in a palette of 14 tones, ranging from peaceful hues of Ice and Snow through to hues of rich forest green in Leafs and deep ocean blue in River. Each colour is available in a texture from a selection of four. Whether the uneven and rough nature of Virgin cork, the virgin cork and shaves of Burl, pressed wine bottle corks in Corky or the linear effect of unused bark in Linea, it’s a powerful and fascinating look. Each design is available in 900mm x 300mm tiles treated using CORKGUARD, an extra-matt water-based finish that seals and protects to ensure lasting natural beauty.

    Paulo Rocha, Granorte, says; “We’re really interested in finding ways to explore cork’s creativity. We believe cork is an interior finish that is more relevant today than it has ever been, but we also want to demonstrate that it can be applied in interesting and exciting ways that can lift interiors out of the usual. Cork really highlights that choosing natural and sustainable materials doesn’t have to be limiting in terms of creativity.”

    Since the 1970s, the family-run Granorte been making cork products in its Portuguese factory, creating everything from classic floor tiles through to furniture, fabrics and even baths and sinks. Continual investment in the latest technology, including a seven-axis robot, has made sure that Granorte is at the fore of innovative uses for the material.

    As we continue to look to create interiors that deliver a sense of comfort and assurance, cork’s natural origins, natural aesthetic, comfort, excellent acoustics and thermal insulation make it the perfect material.

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    Main image credit: Granorte

    Hamish Kilburn / 12.02.2021


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