Case study: Unidrain gets the rockstar treatment

Looking for a bathroom that is cool with an added dash of attitude, lots of audacity, plus a hint of romance? This bold as brass bathroom is completely unique and it’s in the brass section where Unidrain plays a leading role…

When the singer songwriter Mads Langer and his wife, top model Julie Lillelund, decided to create their dream bathroom, they were looking to merge the unconventional and free-spirited, style of bohemian decor with the more edgy, innovative artistic and daring of the avant-garde. Thus, creating their ‘rock-star
bathroom’, which is eclectic and decadent, luxurious but practical, fashion focused yet cosy. This bold as brass bathroom is completely unique and Unidrain supplies the details that make it all work, ensuring that the form, also has function.

blue freestanding bath against floral wallpaper with a pink chandelier

Image credit: Unidrain

When Langer and Lillelund moved into their house one point they were certain of, was that they wanted a huge bathroom. They assessed the space and after reallocating several rooms they converted one of the first-floor bedrooms into what is now their bathroom. This stunning space is everything they wanted, from the large blue freestanding bathtub, lavender-coloured floor tiles, imposing chandelier, pink sofa, floral wallpaper through to matching curtains. The colour palette and furnishings in the room are all brought into harmonious alignment with the stylish curation of their own beautiful vintage accessories and the well-executed brass detailing.

blue tiled double shower with side glass panels and double brass shower heads and fittings

Image credit: Unidrain

The couple were involved in all aspects of the bathroom’s interior and their passion for vintage design and choice of products reveals a sureness of style and talent for combining trends, tone and texture. The couple are certainly unafraid to challenge design norms and Scandinavian aesthetics, with something of Victorian nobility and a hint of French rococo within this bathroom – but the style defies decoding – it’s all their own! However, one thing is certain, your senses are awakened when you enter this room.

There is room for all the family in the deluxe shower zone and the attention to detail came into play with the inclusion of the exclusive brass elements by Unidrain. With its heritage in Danish design it was the ideal solution for the custom-made drain that spans two showers in length. The stylish toilet roll holder and toilet brush are all from Unidrain’s Reframe Collection and its immersion within the design helps to create both a visual balance and continuity in dialogue with the other brass items in the bathroom.

Working with very specific interior design ideas can make it difficult to work with standard products especially when dealing with family-sized solutions. In such instances extra-long, bespoke drains are produced to order. Two drains are combined to form one unit and then one of Unidrain’s grating or panel designs is selected to add to the stylish finish. If you are looking for what amounts to a bespoke drain then the modular line drain system is a perfect option, as it enables the consumer to obtain a solution that deviates from standard dimensions, allowing them to create room for the whole family. It is also perfectly suited for dressing rooms and large bathrooms and can be finished using any of Unidrain’s designs.


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Main image credit: Unidrain