Case study: It’s a wrap from Architextural at Holiday Inn

When the Holiday Inn at Birmingham Airport needed a revamp of one of its function rooms, Cover Styl architectural film from Architextural, was selected for the refurbishment project at the Lancaster Suite…

wood grain architectural film used as surface treatment in Holiday Inn

The aim of this project was to upgrade the room dividers, doors and bar panelling, which were all in need of a fresh look. The challenge was to provide a durable finish that could withstand the test of time while remaining cost-effective compared to replacing the existing fixtures and fittings.

wall in Holiday Inn wrapped in wood grain Cover Styl NF28 architectural film

Image credit: Architextural

Rising to the challenge, Reddiwraps, a Redditch-based vinyl wrapping and detailing company, entered the picture. Initially approached to provide a quote for wrapping the room dividers, Reddiwraps took it a step further. During a site survey conducted by the firm’s director, Sean Clayton, he proposed wrapping the bar and fire doors with the same material. This suggestion aimed to achieve a more cohesive and uniform finish throughout the entire suite.

The decision was made to cover all doors, dividers and bar panelling with 432 meters of Cover Styl NF28 architectural film. Cover Styl boasts an impressive array of colours and finishes, with nearly 500 patterns in its portfolio. Not only are these films highly durable, but they are also easy to apply, making them ideal for high-traffic commercial establishments like hotels. The range of finishes seamlessly complements any existing aesthetic, enhancing the overall visual appeal. As the premier supplier of architectural films in the UK, Architextural stocks the complete portfolio of Cover Styl films, ensuring next-day delivery across the range.

wood grain holiday inn doors

Image credit: Architextural

With the installation period being limited to just seven days, the project timeline was tight. It involved wrapping 102 divider panels, 26 door faces, and two bar areas. Applying Cover Styl films is a quick and straightforward process, causing minimal disruption. However, to achieve such a high volume of work within the short timescale, meticulous organisation and expertise were essential. Reddiwraps successfully managed a team of up to 10 individuals on-site simultaneously, each assigned specific roles. With experts in preparation, installation, and post-installation checks, they aimed to minimise any issues that could arise, ensuring a smooth project execution and meeting the tight deadline.

“Architextural played a crucial role in making this time-sensitive project as seamless as possible. With clear timetables, regular delivery updates, and live stock information, it was effortless to find the perfect pattern for the job,” commented Clayton. “By keeping the clients and fitters well informed, any logistical obstacles could be swiftly navigated. Everyone was on the same page, knowing what was happening, when, and why”.

The results of using Cover Styl has been truly transformative for the suite. The outcome is a cost-effective and high-quality finish that far surpasses what would have been achievable by ripping out and replacing.

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Main image credit: Architextural