12 design pieces by Hommés Studio that will transform your interiors

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    12 design pieces by Hommés Studio that will transform your interiors

    From lighting and mirrors to room dividers and rugs, Hommés Studio presents a perfect selection combining high-end materials in design pieces that will elevate your interiors and offer your design project the desirable unique style…

    Hommés believes that a home must express the owner’s soul, as clothes convey the personality of the person who dresses them. With the vibrant purpose of introducing a nouveau Haute Couture Interiors concept, Hommés presents spaces with bold and unique identities.


    Lighting plays a significant role in human life today. Since ancient times, it has fascinated us, regarded as a synonym of security and a chance for survival. Adequately selected lighting for the interior can give the room a completely new look.


    The shapes of Art Deco jewels inspired cocoon Suspension Lamp. It was designed to bring elegance and character to any living area. A luxury chandelier for a high-end interior design project.


    Minelli Chandelier reflects an irreverent modern design style. It combines a premium selection of materials, making it the ex-libris of the Hommés Studio ceiling lamps collection.


    Dyta Table Lamp was designed for lovers of authentic, provocative design. Its structure represents a female silhouette’s shape, holding a globe lamp with a rotating circle in a refined brass finish. The product was inspired by the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite, associated with love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and procreation.


    A mirror is a unique element of interior design. Hommés Studio always intends to offer the boldest and daring option, and this collection is no exception.

    It allows us to cover up many of projects’ imperfections and expose their advantages. A room may seem deeper and bigger and a narrow room – wider, thanks to a correctly positioned mirror.


    Ibiza is an eye-catching wall mirror perfect for a modern design decor. The hanging mirror is inspired by the raw and timeless textures of the tribes’ decorations, jewels, and artistic elements.

    Image of Ibiza mirror

    Image caption: Ibiza | Image credit: Hommés Studio


    Moritz is a luxury wall mirror inspired by the raw and timeless textures of the tribes’ ornaments, jewels, and creative aspects. Moritz’s mirror reflects identity and character to any contemporary wall decor.


    Titan Wall Mirror is a spontaneous and sophisticated mirror design for walls. Inspired by the solar system, Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. This mirror represents a multifunctional design vision. While human beings cannot live on the Titan moon, Titan Wall Mirror can surely be part of their living areas.


    HOMMÉS Studio presents you with products that offer an eclectic mix of cultures and design styles. From vibrant colors to more neutral tones, this room dividers collection was customized to a luxury lifestyle and elegant interiors.


    Rebus Folding Screen is the perfect choice for a room divider. This Folding Screen is the encounter between aesthetics and functionality, honoring an expertise handmade manufacture process.


    Manu Folding Screen is a modern project must-have piece. Instantly transform your space with this statement screen: a designer room divider crafted with traditional details.


    Boasting a melodic and luxury flair in the gentle curves and warm sand tones, the Zebra Folding Screen is perfect for sectioning-up a luxurious space or adding a different mood and texture.

    4) RUGS

    Exceptional in design and fearless in attitude. Rugs have the power to create a new silhouette in the home and hotel. A welcoming variety of opulence rugs to take your interior design project to another level. With an aesthetic ranging from abstract, organic, and bold design, it will inject colour and personality into any division. A modern rug performs a significant part in space design, a reflection of your distinctive identity in the space you call home.

    Antelope Rug

    Antelope rug is a design masterpiece, perfect to be part of your next luxury design projects as a statement decor item. The beautiful and one-of-a-kind details will infuse any room division with elegance and magnetism.


    Piano Rug evokes a potent combination of colours and shapes that collide in the same dimension. An abstract design is a bold choice for a modern-living project. Made by the wisest hands, this rug features a unique design. Following the design trends dictated by the interior design gurus, this rug can be placed on a wall as an art piece.


    Ammir rug is a boundless expression of the Islamic culture. Hand-tufted with New Zealand wool, mohair, and cotton. A mix of shapes and neutral tonalities will make your dining room a one-of-a-kind.

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    Main image credit: Hommés Studio

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