Trivago gives UK travel trends insight at this year’s Hotel Summit
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    Taking the keynote address at this year’s Hotel Summit, Trivago gave delegates an in-depth insight on travel trends in London and the South West…

    Speaking at the event, regional industry manager for Trivago Aly Thompson gave the address. She stated that of all the Trivago traffic searching for destinations in London, 57 per cent comes from off-shore, while in the South West international visitors only accounts for 7 per cent traffic.

    Thompson shared the top ten international markets for visitors coming to Greater London and compared this with visitors coming to the South West. See below:

    Graph to show top ten international makets for people coming to Greater London

    Top ten international markets for visitors coming to South West

    In regards to the type of guests, 44 per cent of people visiting London are business/weekday travellers, 47 per cent are weekend travellers while only nine per cent are holiday travellers. In the South West on the other hand, 39 per cent are business/weekday travellers, 56 per cent are weekend travellers and only five per cent are holiday travellers.

    “The great thing about booking behaviour shifting to online is the vast amount of data that is left behind,” said Thompson. “Hoteliers should be turning their attention to seeking such data to inform more efficient marketing and pricing strategies.”

    The session also explained how hoteliers can take action in order to capture guests based on where they come and what type of traveller they are, while it also compared the difference in the average clicked price between London and the South West in both summer and winter months.

    For more information on wider travel trends from Trivago, click here to request.

    Hamish Kilburn / 05.06.2018


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