Bette launches sleek BetteStarlet Spirit

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    Bathroom specialist Bette has launched a new fitted bath with a modern lightness and extremely slim rim.

    The new BetteStarlet Spirit is an oval shaped bath embedded in a rectangle, in glossy, durable glazed titanium-steel. It features a rim of only 8mm in height, a symmetrical design, delicate edges and tight corner radii.

    As the BetteStarlet Spirit has almost rectangular corners, it is also ideal for flush installation into, for example, tiles.

    Fine aesthetics and highly practical

    The lying surface of the bath, which is available in 1700 × 750 or 1800 × 800mm, is generously proportioned and, thanks to having the drain in the middle, is also extremely comfortable for bathing on both sides. The stable, glazed titanium-steel surfacemakes the bath suitable to be used for showering and can also be made non-slip, by the addition of BetteAnti-Slip.

    The broad bath rim provides comfortable support for the lower arms, but also offers plenty of storage space for accessories and amenities. Impact-resistant, scratch-proof and heat-resistant glazed titanium steel can also cope with glasses and bottles without losing any of its luminosity. The fact that the easy-clean material also stores heat and is pleasant to the touch further enhances the comfort when bathing.

    The BetteStarlet Spirit bath is available from August 2018 in glossy white and a large number of other colours.

    Hamish Kilburn / 05.06.2018


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