The Ned announces its Washington D.C. opening

Ned’s Club has announced this year’s winter arrival of its latest venture — Ned’s Club Washington D.C. With interiors by Stonehill Taylor and Soho House Design, this fourth and newest location plans to set a new standard for the private members’ club scene…

render of cocktail bar in Neds Club Washington D.C.

In 2017, The Ned established itself as a space for the discerning in London before expanding to New York and Doha. Each Ned’s Club location is unique, drawing from the rich histories of their settings yet unified by a common philosophy to share a space where professionals can meet, create, revel and have a good time.

gallery restaurant with murals and art deco details in the Ned Washington

Image credit: Ned’s Club/Rendering

The fourth and newest location— Ned’s Club Washington D.C., is inspired by the glamour of the ‘roaring twenties’ era and neoclassical designs, paying tribute to the Club’s location at the intersection of two historic properties, the 12-story Walker Building and an old bank building. The Club will occupy the upper three floors once home to iconic D.C. institutions such as Riggs Bank and American Security and Trust Company, and honour the Capital’s rich history with vintage vibes of the Art Deco era.

art deco lighting in coffered ceiling and blue columns in events space in the Ned

Image credit: Ned’s Club/Rendering

“We are thrilled to unveil Ned’s Club Washington D.C., our modern interpretation of the private member’s club, as the latest in our global collection,” expressed Gareth Banner, Group Managing Director. “It’s an honour to welcome new members to this extraordinary venue, which stands as a testament to the city’s rich history. At Ned’s Club Washington D.C., we’re not just providing physical spaces but an environment that reimagines networking, entertainment, dining and events in an iconic building and location that only D.C. could offer.”

art deco lighting and painted murals on the walls in the Loft Restaurant The Ned

Image credit: Ned’s Club/Rendering

Taking residence within President’s Park, with a panorama of the U.S. Treasury and White House, Ned’s Club Washington D.C. offers a globally-influenced design that complements D.C.’s distinctive character.

The interiors, by Soho House Design and Stonehill Taylor, pull inspiration from the property’s Art Deco historical vestibule. Throughout the member club floors, history and art converge with custom mosaic designs on the floor complemented by a palette of vibrant gold, blue, and green. Here, members are treated to a range of spaces designed to fuse work and leisure. The tenth floor stands as a tribute to former U.S. presidents, each room reflecting the unique styles of their eras.

art deco influenced stained glass in dining room with leather and wood finishes

Image credit: Ned’s Club/Rendering

By day, The Library resonates with calmness—its furnishings echoing the sophisticated elegance reminiscent of past eras, complete with a classic fireplace. At night, it transforms into a vibrant social space with an elegant bar. The Drawing Room extends beyond culinary offers, presenting sweeping views of Washington D.C.’s iconic landmarks. The Dining Room features stained-glass fixtures and rich wooden accents to create an ambiance akin to the sun-drenched dining settings treasured during the Kennedy years.

Within the Conservatory, members are welcomed into an indoor space with greenery and natural aesthetics. Perched at the pinnacle, the Loft Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace are adorned with custom mosaic artworks that pay homage to the historical Walker Building. Here, guests indulge in sweeping views from a vantage point that captures the grandeur of the US capital.

rooftop terrace at Neds club Washington DC

Image credit: Ned’s Club/Rendering

Following the other Ned art collections, which illustrate inclusivity at their core, Ned’s Club Washington D.C. will exhibit two permanent art collections. The first is a pointed look at gender imbalance in the American political landscape. Taking as its starting point the ratio of male presidents in American history to the number of women Presidents, the collection inverts these numbers. Entitled No President and displayed in one space together, a carefully selected collection will present the work of 46 American women artists. The second collection champions local artists, displaying the work of those who are born, based, or trained in Washington, D.C. The local collection will include site-specific commissions and a diverse range of artists, from museum-level names to emerging talent.

In addition to world-class design, members can look forward to a host of tailored events such as CEO-led workshops, rare whisky tastings, panel discussions, live music, and entertainment that capture the spirit of D.C. Ned’s Club members also enjoy access to all members-only spaces at The Ned London, The Ned NoMad New York and The Ned Doha, as well as invitations to special offsite events around the world.

Main image credit: Ned’s Club / Rendering