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    As 2017 dawns, Claire Fox, director at Style Matters predicts the trends set to take over the world of interior design for the year ahead.

    Over the next few months, we’re anticipating the popularity of 60s and 70s-inspired furniture to rise significantly. We have already started to see a handful of our clients explore a new take on this traditional look, by featuring retro-inspired furniture in otherwise contemporary spaces. The two trends perfectly complement each other to provide a unique and modern finish with a vintage twist.

    One way to achieve this look is by styling marble accessories with focal pieces of slate grey wooden furniture. Alternatively, if it’s for a more relaxed area such as a hotel lounge, large cushioned sofas in soft pastel shades, accompanied by abstract pieces of art look great together. This new take on an old classic, will be on trend for years to come and here at Style Matters, we have lots of retro-inspired furniture to ensure you’re showcasing this trend in all its glory. Our Farmhouse collection in particular, features a range of classic yet quirky dining chairs. Each piece has been constructed in a solid beech wooden frame, and has been inspired by those found in a traditional British kitchen/dining room during the swinging sixties.

    Available in variety of colours, from classic brown to bright blue, the chairs have the potential to transform a bland and boring space into a fashionable haven that’s the talk of the town.

    Neutral tones
    Neutral tones are taking over the world of fashion right now, and we’re expecting this trend to become a firm favourite amongst interior designers in 2017.
    Inspired by the great outdoors, palettes reflective of organic materials such as wood, clay, marble and copper are set to be popular, especially when it comes to key pieces of furniture throughout the hospitality sector.

    Tweed, leather, and velvet sofas and chairs will be prominent in earthy tones. While reclaimed wooden tables will remain key for rustic restaurants and country pubs.

    Style Matters - The Farmer's Club

    Metallic tones, particularly brass, are extremely prominent in the world of interiors right now. Metallic pieces are traditionally evocative of the Victorian era through to the 1920s, however since the recent rise of mill conversions into bars, hotels, and restaurants, we’ve seen a surge in clients looking to incorporate this trend into their venues.

    Contemporary establishments such as the recently-launched MNKY HSE, in Mayfair, and Olive Tree, focussed on this key trend with accessories, lighting and detailing within the furniture. It’s very easy to go overboard when it comes to metallic, so we tend to incorporate the look in to the finer, more subtle touches such as chair/table legs, studs, stitching, and fixtures.

    Traditional rustic furniture has long been a favourite amongst our clients, and we’re expecting this to continue for the foreseeable future. Taking inspiration from nature and the countryside, rustic finishes look particularly at home in traditional pubs, as well as cosy boutique hotels. With deep browns, reds, and burnt oranges all being prominent, the trend is perfect for those looking to create a warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere within their interiors.

    Rustic pieces have always been incredibly popular, but in recent months we’ve seen a significant rise in clients opting for this look. Our work on The Farmers Club, in London, and Chester-based, Olive Tree was focussed primarily on this theme, to provide a stylish and pleasant environment for guests visiting the venues.


    Monochrome is a classic finish, that will never go out of fashion. Whether it be for a modern hotel or a traditional bar, monochrome is extremely versatile and one we anticipate will always be popular within the hospitality sector.

    The juxtaposition of white on black, provides the perfect contrast, and results in a smart yet show-stopping finish. Designers have been opting for monochrome flooring tiles for years, but in recent months we have seen a rise in our clients asking for their black and white furniture to take centre stage when it comes to their projects. While monochrome isn’t exactly new, it’s a trend that we’ll definitely be seeing more of throughout next year.

    Vintage florals
    Vintage florals have been a favourite amongst pub designers and specifiers for some time, but we’re increasingly seeing this trend grow within the hotel sector too. Traditionally, designers would implement florals through their wallpaper and flooring, however we’ve started to see a shift away from this, with furniture providing the perfect platform to showcase this stunning look.

    Floral furniture is a great way to make a statement in just about any environment, and as such we’re expecting its popularity to continue to grow well in to 2017.

    Splashes of colour
    To develop your monochrome space, add splashes of colour for an eccentric finish which will be sure to create some drama. Whether it be small pops of colour with accessories or statement pieces of bright furniture on a black and white base, this cool and charismatic look is ideal for just about environment.

    The recent work we did with Hotel Gotham, in Manchester, really showcased this trend in all its glory. Almost everything from the beds, walls, and floors, were black, white and grey, with the odd splashes of colour being implemented through bespoke pieces of furniture such as chairs and accessories. The overall finish of the project was fantastic, so it’s easy to see why it generated a lot of interest amongst the industry.

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    Guest Author / 27.12.2016


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