SPOTLIGHT ON: Flooring that’s not slippery when wet

    Wooden flooring in contemporary interiors
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    Osmo UK Polyx®-Oil Anti-Slip eliminates the possibility of any slips, trips and falls without compromising on the flooring appearance… 

    Wooden flooring is a highly attractive material for commercial and residential environments, but like any hard flooring material, it can become slippery when wet, resulting in a slip hazard where accidents are all too easy in these situations. Osmo UK Polyx®-Oil Anti-Slip is an easy to apply finish which helps eliminate these risks while not disrupting the room’s appearance.

    Applying a coat of Polyx®-Oil Anti-Slip increases the slip resistance of frequently maintained flooring areas.  The surface retains its natural appearance while the fine structure particles in the finish prevent it from becoming slippery.

    Alongside the makeover and anti-slip properties, the finish will also provide added durability to the flooring. Protecting the floor from everyday elements, including scuffs, stains and water damage, Polyx®-Oil Anti-Slip also allows the woods surface to remain breathable, reducing the chance of warping and cracking.  Made from natural ingredients, the product provides perfectly complements the natural elements of the wood, nourishing the surface, and will not crack, flake, peel or blister.

    Polyx®-Oil Anti-Slip is available directly from Osmo UK and from its nationwide network of stockists. For more information, please call Osmo on 01296 481220 or visit

    Hamish Kilburn / 14.08.2018


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