Ruby Molly introduces ‘Lean Luxury’ to Dublin

Ruby Molly has proudly unveiled its latest addition in the heart of vibrant Dublin, marking an exciting milestone as it becomes the hotel group’s inaugural location in Ireland, and its 18th in Europe…

blue banquette and eclectic wooden chairs in Ruby Molly Dublin

Under the direction of founder and CEO Michael Struck (one of our Brit List top hoteliers of 2020), centrally located in Oxmanstown, just north of the River Liffey, and a stone’s throw away from the bustling Temple Bar district, Ruby Molly, sheltering 272 rooms across a total area of almost 700 square metres, has opened its doors.

eclectic collection of vintage chairs and lamps in Ruby Molly Dublin

Image credit: Ruby Hotels

This latest Ruby Molly embodies the charm of the 19th century, influenced by its location in a historic neighbourhood that once housed a bustling fruit and vegetable market. The hotel’s design is intricately linked to the history and evolution of the central Oxmanstown. The property where Ruby Molly now stands was originally part of the grounds of St. Mary’s Abbey, founded in 846. At its peak, the abbey was one of the largest and wealthiest in all of Ireland, playing a significant role in the founding of Dublin. Later, this site transitioned from the grounds of a prosperous abbey to a bustling market quarter. The market served as a meeting place for people from the city and surrounding areas to gather and exchange goods.

red bench and wooden table and chairs in dublin hotel

Image credit: Ruby Hotels

This atmosphere inspires the hotel’s inviting space, welcoming guests from all over the world. The marketplace ambience is also palpable for guests at Ruby Molly. Surfaces, materials, and decorations reflect the contrasts of urban chic meeting farmer markets’ rusticity: sumptuous fabrics, marble, and glass juxtaposed with worn leather, tile, and black steel. To create a cosy atmosphere, many comfortable seating areas and nooks have been created between cart wheels and baskets.

blue walls and vintage baskets in Ruby Molly hotel

Image credit: Ruby Hotels

The hotel’s public area stands out, offering an enticing array of amenities ranging from healthy breakfasts to artisanal coffee, Mediterranean-inspired snacks, and exquisite cocktails. Adding to the allure, live performances by local up-and-coming bands infuse the space with vibrant energy, while cosy seating areas beckon guests to relax and savour the ambiance. Furthermore, a dedicated library showcases archaeological discoveries from the surrounding area, providing insight into the region’s rich heritage. Inspired by the historical market that once thrived in its neighbourhood, Ruby Molly seamlessly blends past and present, offering guests a journey through Dublin’s vibrant culture. From rustic farm tables to vintage chairs, every detail reflects the area’s storied history, creating a truly immersive experience.

trademark white with red stripe bed in Ruby hotel

Image credit: Ruby Hotels

Embracing the Lean Luxury of Ruby, the hotel redefines luxury with its prime location in the heart of Dublin, captivating design, and premium amenities focused on the essentials. Excess is eschewed to offer affordable yet indulgent experiences. Rooms at Ruby Molly, in line with Lean Luxury principles, boast distinctive features such as open vanities and glass rain showers, complemented by light hues and walnut wood accents. From plush pocket spring mattresses to soundproofing and Ruby Care aromatherapy products, every detail is crafted to ensure relaxation and rejuvenation.

view into Ruby Molly dublin through ensuite

Image credit: Ruby Hotels

Guests can choose from five room categories, each designed to meet different preferences and needs. Starting with the snug NEST Rooms, measuring 16 square metres, the charming COSY Rooms, offering approximately 17 square metres, are ideal for single travellers seeking a comfortable retreat. Couples or friends looking for extra comfort can indulge in the LOVELY rooms, ranging from 18 to 22 square metres. For those in search of a bit more space, the WOW rooms provide an average of 25 square metres, while the spacious LOFT Rooms with private terrace also offer up to 25 square metres, ideal for longer stays.

Main image credit: Ruby Hotels