Rotana Hotels unveil two new luxurious Dubai properties

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    Rotana Hotels have announced the opening of their two newest properties in Dubai – the Al Bandar Rotana, and the Al Bandar Arjaan.

    Both properties (Rotana, a hotel, Arjaan, private residencies) are situated at the Dubai Creek natural landmark which runs through the centre of Dubai, and rooms feature views of the water-filled creek, and the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

    Rotana Hotels are an asset management company who focus on hotels in Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe. Their aim is to open hotels in every country within those regions, a plan which the firm say is “under full sail”.

    “The best in Arab hospitality”

    Further new hotels are under development in territories including Amman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Khobar, Jeddah, Riyad, Bahrain, Doha, Baghdad, Erbil, Libya, Rabat, Mashhad, Tehran, Tanzania and Khartoum.

    Offering “the best in Arab hospitality,” the brand’s two new Dubai properties follow a path well-trod. The Al Bander Rotana hotel, and the Al Bander Arjaan private residencies “blend luxury and comfort” for both business and leisure travellers.

    Vice president: “Rotana has a strong presence in the region with an inventory of eleven hotels”

    David Prince, Rotana’a area vice president for Dubai, said: “Dubai has been one of the best-performing markets for Rotana, where we have a strong presence with an existing inventory of eleven hotels, and several under development which will give us an additional 3,168 rooms in the city”.

    “With its forward-looking economy and continued infrastructure investments, combined with its appealing luxury, retail and tourism offerings, the emirate continues to be a magnet for both business and leisure travellers”.

    “The emirate has seen a steady growth in the number of visitors and in 2017 alone it welcomed 15.8 million travellers”.

    For more analysis of Dubai’s continuing hotel boom, read this in-depth article about the region’s “strong, steady” hotel growth.

    Adam Bloodworth / 22.02.2018


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