Dubai ‘fourth most visited city in the world’ as hotel industry reveals steady growth

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    The popularity of holidaying and doing business in Dubai is showing no signs of slowing.

    New reports by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing have revealed that as the number of hotels rise, so does the demand for hotel rooms. The cycle of demand in the region is on an upward trajectory.

    In terms of occupied nights, the department predict a “strong, sustained” growth of 10% over the next 24 months, to sustain a healthy level of 76 to 78% capacity.

    Room numbers soar, occupancy soars too

    DUKES Dubai

    This news comes despite the news that Dubai’s capacity of hotel rooms has also soared, and thus suggests a continued attractiveness to investors and developers moving forward.

    And culturally, newer attractions for families are increasing the length of stays as foreigners are increasingly settling in for visits of a week, or sometimes more.

    His Excellency Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General of Dubai Tourism explained: “Dubai’s hotel industry remains at the forefront of cross-sector efforts to drive tourism growth, as we collectively work towards realising our Tourism Vision and enable our 2020 goals”.

    Fourth most visited city in the world

    Dubai mega-tower

    “Dubai’s position as the fourth most visited city in the world, and the consistent growth in overnight visitation, has been achieved in large part thanks to the efforts of our committed stakeholders in the domestic hotel and hospitality sector”.

    “With international and local investors, and operators continuing to actively pursue opportunities in Dubai, we expect to see not only sustained growth in inventory in line with our projected demand for occupied nights, but also further diversification across various asset classifications, to ensure that as a city we are the most globally competitive in providing our visitors the optimal range of options that cater to their preferences across the spectrum of hospitality offerings”.

    Pictures show the Dukes Dubai hotel, and the Dubai skyline

    Adam Bloodworth / 22.02.2018


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