This floating space hotel is planned to open in 2021

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    There’s a floating space hotel set to open in 2021.

    But how much will an out-of-this-world holiday cost? In the “low eight figures”.

    For those of us who can only dream, here are some further details. Two models of spacecraft stroke hotel are being designed. The B330-1 and B330-2, and are the latest products from billionaire Robert Bigelow’s Bigelow Airspace operation, which now has a sister company, Bigelow Space Operations.

    Crafts will cruise in the low Earth orbit

    Originally founded in 1999, the two spacecraft are the first airborne products from the company, and signal a wider push into space travel and space tourism from Bigelow, who plans to launch an “inflatable habitat” in outer space in 2022.

    Bigelow told the Daily Mail that both modules were “very far along in fabrication” and that his newly-formed Space Operations company would manage the operation of the crafts into space.

    “The largest, most complex structures ever known”

    The crafts, which will cruise in the low Earth orbit, are 55 feet long each, and both crafts link together to create one larger space station-type design.

    The 72-year-old mogul’s craft will orbit Earth. “These single structures that house humans on a permanent basis will be the largest, most complex structures ever known as stations for human use in space,” the firm said in a press statement.

    Bigelow also revealed his firm were spending “millions of dollars” working on “a conclusion as to what the global space market is going to look like”.

    Adam Bloodworth / 22.02.2018


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