Point Two Design puts wallpaper on the map

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    The Vancouver-based company is able to replicate any map, town or city in crisp, detailed wallpaper…

    Point Two Design is a company using city planning and municipal data to create detailed wallpaper maps of any of your favourite cities. Founded in 2013 by Owen de Lancie and Emily Warkentin who studied architecture and urban planning, the company aims to put detailed wallpapers on the map of international hotel design.

    Point Two Design and the team of architects, urban planners, scientists, and experts in mapping distills the data down to streets, land mass and water bodies to create highly detailed museum quality prints. This is the only company using raw GIS data and architectural tools of the trade to gather the same data that municipalities use for their urban planning – to create custom designed maps of any city or town.

    No town or area is too small – Point Two Design can find it and map it down to streets an allies with technical precision. Show the person how much the memory means to you and let them be reminded of it each day with these high quality prints.

    The new line of wallpaper was launched in April 2018 and each custom order receives personalised attention from PTD designers. The map wallpaper as well as satellite imagery wallpaper is available in vinyl peel and stick or classic suede wallpaper.

    In addition to wallpapers, the company also prints soft furnishings, art prints and even wall clocks.

    Hamish Kilburn / 23.07.2018


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