Pierre-Yves Rochon in The Emory

Nestled at Hyde Park Corner, a new extension of the The Emory Hotel, originally designed by Richard Rogers, beckons guests with its expansive suites designed by Pierre-Yves Rochon(PYR). We stepped inside for a whirlwind tour…

sofa, chair and table in muted natural colours in the balcony suite of The Emory Hotel London

Spanning two floors, the PYR suites in The Emory Hotel provide breathtaking views of lush treetops in London’s centre of art and fashion. The meticulously designed contemporary interiors, designed to harmonise with the existing hotel, serve as a luxurious sanctuary, allowing guests to unwind and rejuvenate before their next adventure.

As guests make their way through the hotel’s dramatically lit, library-themed corridors, they are flanked by residential millwork housing an extensive collection of books and art objects. Custom-patterned carpet developed by Ulster, in warm tones matching the bedrooms, guides guests to their suites. The hotel features eight distinct types of suites per floor, each with floor-to-ceiling glass window walls and inspired by classically tailored English styling and fabrics.

centred bed with white linen against natural tones and textures in hotel guestroom with floor to ceiling door to terrace

Image credit: The Emory Hotel

The colour palette ranges from soft ivory to beige tones and deep caramel, evoking a sense of warmth and sophistication. Headboards feature a collection of whitewashed botanical and abstract art set upon an edge, reflecting the eclecticism of London – from classic to contemporary.  Plush wool and soft leather seating by Ben Whistler create an atmosphere of opulence, while wool flannel blackout curtains from Holland and Sherry and fabric-wrapped walls provide added layers of texture crafted from sumptuous wools, silks, leather, and ikat.

natural colour carpet under wooden desk with sculptural objet and flowers in hotel suite

Image credit: The Emory Hotel

The attention to detail is evident in the hand-tufted inset bedroom rugs that contrast with sleek brass and bronze accents on custom walnut nesting tables and a textured sofa, creating a lyrical blend of surfaces while providing multifunctional use for either working or dining. Practicality meets elegance with the thoughtfully integrated millwork in a light satin finish comprising the entertainment centre and library, desk and vanity. A unique bar experience in a playful niche feature drawers with delightful temptations. The suites are equipped with the latest customised technology for the most exclusive experience.

Organic, bulbous brass pendants illuminate the elegant dressing niche with a clean-lined leather stool and coordinate with the iconic floor lamp in antique hand-rubbed brass by Visual Comfort, both casting a soft and inviting glow to the space. The sleek, lightly coloured Serpeggiante marble bathroom features a large, sliding geometrically-panelled glass door in a mix of frosted and textured glass, separating the shower room with a freestanding bathtub from the living

guestroom at The Emory Park with bookshelves opposite the bed and a floor to ceiling window at the far end

Image credit: The Emory Hotel

This design enjoys a clever interplay of privacy and openness, allowing diffused light to pass between the areas, further amplified by large mirror walls. This design choice not only enhances function but also adds another layer of soft, translucent light to the sophisticatedly cosy ambiance. In every corner, the fusion of exquisite aesthetics and thoughtful functionality creates an inviting retreat for discerning travellers seeking a refined and immersive experience in the heart of the city.

Main image credit: The Emory Hotel