OUTDOOR FURNITURE SPOTLIGHT: The Bolero range from Nisbets

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    As part of Hotel Design’s spotlight this month on outdoor furniture, we highlight the latest Bolero range from Nisbets.

    “Creating the right atmosphere is essential for hoteliers to ensure that they attract the maximum amount of custom, so it is important that furniture choices are considered carefully as they have a huge impact on the vibe of any hotel,” says Richard Ebbs, Head of Brands for Nisbets Plc.

    An eye-catching outdoor seating area is the perfect way for hoteliers to encourage passers-by to choose their hotel over their competitors during the summer months, and it is therefore vital that any outdoor furniture is in line with current trends along with being both well maintained and clean.

    The Bolero range from Nisbets combines on-trend looks with an outstanding weather resistant finish which can be used both indoor and outdoor, depending on a hotel’s changing needs over the course of the year. In addition, the range includes designs with lightweight yet strong aluminium frames, ensuring that the furniture is easy to move as needed, maximising flow and storage within the workplace for hotel operators whilst minimising the effort of any seating rearrangement needed by staff.

    Wood and metal designs work well within a wide range of interior and exterior settings, and will allow hoteliers to update the desired atmosphere without having to replace everything.

    The new Bolero Steel and Acacia range, available from Nisbets,  includes chairs, tables, benches and bar stools which add an attractive industrial look to indoor or outdoor seating areas. Made from sturdy steel and pre-treated acacia wood and easy to assemble, they have a versatile look perfectly to suited to many different aesthetics.

    To see the full range, click here.

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    Katy Phillips / 10.04.2018



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