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  • DESIGN TALK: Instagrammable interiors with Kate Watson Smyth and Paul Craig

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    Live from London Design Festival, interiors influencer Kate Watson Smyth and photographer Paul Craig explain how to make your designs insta-worthy…

    To kick-start London Design Festival, bathroom specialist Victoria + Albert hosted a unique talk at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour about the secrets to styling and sharing interiors on social media.

    Kate Watson Smyth, who is the proud owner of Mad About The House instagram account (@madaboutthehouse) started by explaining how she went from journalist to social media influencer. “I think you can start by finding other accounts that you like the look of,” she said. “Then, you will naturally find your niche and start to find a really consistent look.”

    Another tip from Watson Smith was to post at consistent times. “I also find that it’s really important to set aside time after you have posted to like other Instagram posts from the same topic.”

    Paul Craig is known in the industry for his dynamic styling and having the ability to make a shot work from behind the lens. Craig took the microphone to share his tips on how to make a social media post pop.

    Paul’s tips to help your posts pop:

    1) “The key to any good shot is in the styling. If you have to move that prop 2mm, then do it.”
    2) “Declutter the shot. Get rid of anything unnecessarily, but don’t be afraid to add in props for the styling. You don’t want your photo to look like it was taken by an estate agent.”
    3) “Line up the verticals and horizontals. Use the ‘grid’ feature on your phone for this.”
    4) “Get down low. This is especially important in the bathroom in order to capture the detail.”
    5) “Avoid reflections. You can use your effects to help soften these.”

    The talk follows Hotel Designs’ rolling feature of Designing Instagrammable which, over four weeks, investigated how Instagram can help build your business.

    The 16th edition of London Design Festival is nine days introducing the latest projects, installations, exhibitions, events and talks happening in the design industry. Hotel Designs is following the action as it happens.



    Hamish Kilburn / 17.09.2018


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