Peter Greenberg series reveals the untold stories behind the world’s most famous hotels

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    A new TV series aims to understand the world’s most famous hotels, “where the past, present and future converge”.

    Fronted by iconic US journalist Peter Greenberg, Hotels with a Past will get deep into the histories of some of the best-known hotels, including Hotel Raffles, Singapore, The Plaza in New York, Hot Springs, Virginia and The Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia.

    The oldest hotel in the series, The Buccaneer in St Croix, dates from 1653 and the most recently built was New York’s The Plaza, which dates from 1907.

    The Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg is one of America’s most popular travel TV shows. It gained popularity because of its user friendliness; the show offers snappy half-hour episodes on hidden gem destinations designed with the ease of the traveler at heart.

    “Historic hotels appeal to Millennials and seniors”

    “Historic Hotels of America and Historic Hotels Worldwide are thrilled to be collaborating with Peter Greenberg to increase the recognition and celebration of many iconic and legendary historic hotels through his Hotels With A Past series,” explained Lawrence Horwitz, executive director Historic Hotels of America and Historic Hotels Worldwide.

    He went on: “Historic hotels appeal to all types of travelers from millennials to seniors. Whether celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a romantic escape, or looking for a great family getaway, historic hotels are chance to create lasting memories. Hotels With A Past will feature many of the most places where history has been written.”

    Peter Greenberg added: “Great travel is, at its core, great storytelling, and the great historic hotels of the world have the great stories.” He insisted hotels give travelers “a sense of place” and that hotels give holidays “a sense of meaning.”

    Peter Greenberg is also an Emmy Award-winning producer for his NBC News Dateline story, Miracle on the Hudson, about the passenger jet which crashed on the Hudson river in 2009.

    Historic Hotels of America and Historic Hotels Worldwide both nurture and support the heritage of internationally important hotels.

    Watch Hotels with a Past on The Travel Detective show on PBS, on, and on YouTube.

    Adam Bloodworth / 30.01.2018


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