Millennials are on the move – can hoteliers keep up?

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    Over the last few years we have seen a new type of guest evolve – they’re knowledgeable, savvy and will rarely be caught without their smartphone in hand. Whether it’s looking up the local hot spots, using maps to navigate around a new city or trying to book a table at the hotel restaurant, millennials will be doing it digitally. Mark Brooks-Belcher, Global Sales Director at Quadriga, explains…

    Millennials are looking for a quick, flexible and efficient service, all in real-time. They also expect this to be tailored specifically to their preferences, meaning any form of communication needs to be as instant and effortless as possible. While this may seem like a lot, it’s actually just a combination of things that hoteliers should already be implementing and if not, certainly planning towards.

    Hoteliers should be making digital a part of everything they do – taking it beyond traditional interactions such as self-check in and in-room entertainment, to the power of digital marketing, personalisation and real-time information delivery.

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    Guests are becoming more demanding for interactive platforms that have the ability to self-serve and provide information at their fingertips. Hotels that implement digital signage solutions across the board will not only be projecting a stronger, more unified brand image, but ensuring any millennials staying with you aren’t greeted by A4 paper signs in Times New Roman font.

    With technology only set to advance, hoteliers need to ensure they’re catering for the digital demand that their millennial guests are searching for, all the while providing a streamline experience. This new generation of jet-setters not only expect, but demand a quick, flexible and efficient service, soon becoming aggravated or confused by limited access to information, and the inability to use digital platforms throughout their stay.

    Recent examples of Quadriga’s solutions at hotels include designing and installing a converged solution offering high quality WiFi and wired internet access across all the rooms at the Pullman Liverpool as well as a TV system offering a ‘better-than-home experience’. At the various hotels of the Kämp Group in Finland Quadriga integrated several technological services under one umbrella; and at the Renaissance Malmo was tasked with updating the listed building’s internet access without damaging the aesthetics of the highly-rated hotel.



    Daniel Fountain / 04.04.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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