Hotel Tech Live: Tuesday’s seminar highlights

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    Hotel Tech Live is now underway and Hotel Designs can bring you some of the highlights of the fantastic speaker programme at this year’s event live from the floor of the show…


    11.45 – Keynote Theatre 2 – Magdelana Osmola – Marketing Director at the Macdonald Monchique, Portugal – The presentation will look at challenges of getting a new hotel brand noticed in a saturated market. We will look at practicalities of an integrated marketing strategy and its implementation – what worked and what did not, no secrets! A down to earth review of new and old techniques (blogger outreach, online PR, email, PPC, content, brand identity). We will also look at what’s next for the travel industry covering most up to date trends.

    12.30 – Theatre Hall 4 – David Beasley, VIP Worldwide – How to drive engagement, reach a wider audience, increase booking revenue and excite your customers using Virtual Reality, Film, Video Marketing and Video for Social Media. David will be sharing his insights on why the moving image should be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

    14.00 – Theatre Hall 3 – Larry Mogelonsky – Leading hospitality consultant, writer – Travellers have more options now than ever before and they know where to find the best deals. If your brand doesn’t differentiate itself, it will be left behind in the face of alternate lodgings, meta-search, mobile booking behavior and a host of other industry disruptors. The key differentiating factor for all properties is its guest service delivery, and technological innovations can be applied to many hotel operations to keep this in top shape.

    15.00 – Panel Theatre Hall – Guest Personalisation and loyalty through Technology – Due to the latest advancements in technology, hoteliers now have greater access to customer data, enabling them to give their guests a more personalised experience and create long-lasting customer relationships. As a result, personalisation has emerged as the hottest new trend for 2017. Sit in on this session to brush up on how you can foster greater loyalty by creating a more personalised guest experience for your customers.

    16,15 – Keynote Theatre 2 – John Abbot – Director of Business Growth, Yoti – We can board planes, watch TV and buy stuff with our phones but we still have to carry paper ID documents. It just doesn’t make any sense. Imagine a world where your customers had their IDs on their phones. Door staff wouldn’t need to worry about fake IDs. You wouldn’t need to spend your Monday mornings trying to track down owners of lost IDs. You could even let your customers pour themselves a beer – no need for your staff to check their ID because your customer can prove their ID to the pump with their phone. Magic. Yoti is your ID on your phone and a global identity platform that lets businesses verify their customers’ identities in seconds. We have teamed up with DrinkCommand and Deltic group to make the future of self-service age verification a reality today.

    Daniel Fountain / 26.09.2017

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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