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  • Holistic hotel design: creating a space to accommodate your guests & Staff

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    In the constantly evolving landscape of international hotel design, staying relevant and on-trend is somewhat a daily challenge. Simon Mitchell from Action Storage details three key areas where hotels can create timeless look and feel that is flexible to all guests checking in…

    In your hotel, when it comes to creating an atmosphere that makes your guests comfortable and the prospect of them returning probable, it’s vital that you invest time and resource in ensuring that those providing them with the service are equally as happy and comfortable in their workspace. Therefore, when designing a hotel that encourages a cohesive and productive environment, building a space for your staff as well as your guests should be at the top of your priority list.

    Whether you start off by focusing on one particular area like your hotel’s busy lobby, or you choose to optimise the practicality of the additional facilities in your accommodation first, giving your hotel a functional design overhaul will help highlight all that’s wonderful in your facility.

    The lobby

    A universal issue for guests and hoteliers alike is check-in and check-out times that don’t align with scattered schedules. For reception desks that aren’t able to stay open 24/7, providing your guests with the option to leave their important possessions in a secure place within the hotel’s premises is a practical solution that ensures security while encouraging an accommodating atmosphere.

    By providing durable and secure locker units within a sensible distance from the central reception desk, your guests’ luggage will be easily and efficiently organised in one area. Not only are storage units great for keeping your visitors’ possessions secure, but they can also provide a space for your staff members to keep their own belongings stored safely away.

    The additional facilities

    For hotels that provide a restaurant, bar or spa experience within their facility, creating a logical layout in a surrounding that, for many, will be unfamiliar to them is crucial if you want the space to be used effectively. Make it easy for your members of staff to provide a fluent and hassle-free service by picking non-slip flooring solutions that make rushing around easy. Additionally, while extravagant ornaments may be beautiful to look at, forcing both your guests and staff to manoeuvre around them not only creates a health and safety risk, but can make your space look small and cluttered as a result.

    Next up, you’ll want to keep your customer in mind when it comes to designing the function of your room. Pick warm amber colours and place glistening spotlights above your luxury swimming pool to invite guests into your idyllic spa atmosphere. Not only will these small touches make your guests fall in love with your hotel, but will make your members of staff proud and happy to work where they do.

    Image credit: Pexels

    The guestrooms

    When designing a stylish yet functional hotel room, it’s important to tailor the area your guests are likely to spend most of their time in – the bedroom – to their specific needs. Optimise the room with plenty of built-in storage features so that whether guests are stopping by on a one night business trip or a week-long holiday, they have the options they need to create a home-from-home atmosphere.

    While the aesthetic of a space is important, so too is its functionality – so make sure that door frames and the space surrounding the bed are clear enough to allow a cleaning trolley to make its way around. Whether this means rearranging furniture, picking ‘invisible’ storage or knocking down walls to create an open-plan space, a tidy and practical room will make for a happy guest and employee!

    As with any business, preparation is key. By planning ahead for 2019’s busy summer season and streamlining your hotel accordingly for both your guests and crucial members of the team, stress will be relieved and an enjoyable hotel atmosphere created. Whether it’s through back-of-house storage techniques or up-to-date hotel rooms, optimising your accommodation for a positive guest experience through various interior adaptations is sure to make a noticeable difference to the way your hotel operates.

    Main image credit: Pexels

    Hamish Kilburn / 02.01.2019


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