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    Little Roman Blind Shop - interiors trends 2016
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    Deciding on the interior of your hotel rooms can be a tricky decision. You need something on trend, but something that also has lasting power for cost efficiency.

    Finding trends that work through the seasons and reflect your brand identity doesn’t have to take months of forecasting. As part of this week’s guest blog, the Little Roman Blind Shop has released their trend guide for 2016, which features a selection of gorgeous trends for you to work with and a preview of which can be viewed below…

    Marble majesty
    When you think of marble, it’s hard not to imagine a grandiose five star hotel reception area. Traditionally, marble flooring and furnishings have been a symbol of luxury. However in small doses, marble can be used in more modern interiors to combine minimalist looks with a slight twist of opulence. Light and airy, marble adds a well needed touch of texture to chic monochrome rooms. A great way to break up the interior in your hotel, marble pattern instantly catches the eye. It’s not just the natural material that can liven up your interior, try finding bedding, blinds and furnishings that simply use the same colours or are printed with the distinct marble effect pattern.

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    Living terrarium
    Forget the outdoor/indoor trend. Instead of taking inspiration from the exotic tropics, take a small snap shot of the outdoors with tiny terrariums. To use this trend you’ll have to swerve the typical floral patterns that perk up throughout the summer season. Use green elements and blend a variety of shades to add depth and focus on the structure of plants, rather than their blooms.

    Little Roman Blind Shop - interiors trends 2016

    Go for a combination of ditsy patterns and large scale motifs, just like the changing scales you’d see in an actual terrarium. A little landscape of prickly cactus and succulents, your rooms can take inspiration from the small world captured in a terrarium. For an extra nod to the trend, experiment with clashing textures that reflect the little life you find in your terrarium. With silky soft sheets, try chunky knitted cushions or embellished throw cushions that spark textural conflict.

    Copper calling
    In comparison to the first trend, copper may not seem as majestic. However, copper has become the go-to metallic for trend-setters this season. Understated and less opulent than its gold and silver siblings, copper offers a more downplayed sense of glamour. It doesn’t shout, it shimmers and dances in the light to offer a warm hue to your hotel bedrooms.

    Little Roman Blind Shop - interiors trends 2016

    These three trends are perfect for all year round wonder. They liven up hotel interior and bring it into the new season, with a few traditional touches thrown in for good measure! Use these trends sparingly to add a subtle twist to your current interior, or go all out for a new look that guests are sure to love.


    Guest Blog / 03.05.2016


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