Going green: How hotels can embrace eco-friendly principles

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    Biodegradable packaging expert Elizabeth Raw from R+R Packaging explains how a hotel can adapt to be more eco-friendly…

    With 65% of travellers looking to stay in an eco-friendly friendly hotel in 2017, consumers’ choices are becoming driven more and more by an increased environmental conscience. This means it’s important for your hotel, from both an environmental and business perspective, to act as a sustainable accommodation option.

    Today, we’re breaking down how your hotel business can save money and stay competitive – all while doing its part to make the planet greener – through embracing a number of eco-friendly principles. From the laundry room to the penthouse suite, we’ll show you how making small changes can make a big difference.

    Reduce water waste

    It’s estimated that a hotel uses around 100-200 gallons of fresh water per occupied room each day, meaning water conservation is a fundamental practice of any hotel business’s sustainability initiative.

    Small and simple installments around your hotel can play a significant role in reducing water waste day by day. Low-flush toilets installed in guest bathrooms will help to reduce water used per flush by more than 50%, while the addition of water butts offers the opportunity to reuse rainwater, subsequently reserving the source of fresh mains water.

    Not only does the reduction of water waste preserve one of the planet’s most valuable resources, but it’s a great way to cut back on costs. With water consumption accounting for a significant percentage of a hotel’s fixed expenses, water waste reduction will benefit both your business and your planet – making it an unavoidable practice that hotel owners are becoming increasingly conscious of.

    Reduce energy waste

    Similarly, the conservation of energy will play a huge part in increasing sustainability and decreasing bills. The trick is to remember that the little things add up, evident by the fact 35% of a hotel’s electricity consumption consists of miscellaneous uses. Simple swaps such as switching to long lasting LED bulbs and energy-saving laundry and AC units is enough to make a big overall impact.

    Take this one step further with the installation of skylights in common areas to make use of natural lighting throughout the day, completely removing the need for artificial lighting and thus saving significantly on electricity use.

    Work together with your guests through implementing a linen reuse program that encourages them to reuse towels, sheets and bedding. The unnecessary practice of a daily washing service is a huge drain on both energy and water reserves through the consistent use of washing machines and dryers. The creation of an ‘opt-out’ reuse programme will ensure all your guests are happy and is a great way to advertise that your business is taking steps to becoming greener.

    Reduce disposable waste

    The avoidance of plastic has become the epitome of conscientious consumption in recent months. From cosmetic products to food packaging, hotels are amongst the biggest culprits for harmful disposable waste, leading to industry giants Hilton vowing to ban plastic completely by the end of 2018.

    Switch to offering your guests complimentary organic toiletries, free of harmful toxins and chemicals during production, and supply them in bulk dispensers to cut back on unnecessary packaging.

    If you offer a breakfast service, ensure you’re using eco-friendly packaging for your food that is made of reusable or renewable materials. From coffee cups to bags and containers, the strong, rigid and fully compostable eco-friendly packaging provides a great alternative to harmful polystyrene and plastic food packaging.

    Embracing these eco-friendly principles will help turn your hotel green, cutting costs and promoting a more positive brand image – all while doing your bit for planet Earth.

    Hamish Kilburn / 19.09.2018


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