Four Seasons Resort Nevis starts multi-phase renovation

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    The Four Seasons Resort on the Caribbean island of Nevis, where no building is taller than a palm tree, has appointed TAL Design Studios to redesign its guestrooms…

    Four Seasons Resort Nevis has embarked on a multi-million dollar enhancement project, with TAL Design Studios redesigning its 196 guestrooms.

    Expected to be completed by November of this year, the hotel’s renovation will preserve the architectural and design integrity of the original building’s exterior. The new interior design will feature a lighter, cleaner and fresher décor, creating interest and drama through the use of scale, texture, pattern and colour. Light drenched spaces will give off a sense of comfort and the ultimate feeling of being completely relaxed.

    “Built on a former sugar and coconut plantation dating to the late 1790s, we wanted to maintain Nevis’ quaint and intimate reputation as an untouched Caribbean destination,” said Todd-Avery Lenahan, Founder of TAL Design Studios. “The refreshed interior design is not meant to be a complete overhaul, but rather the realisation of a new vision for the resort that speaks to the modern Four Seasons traveller, while painstakingly preserving the humble charm of the resort’s small island home.”

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    Design details will reference a chic, fashionable and stylised voice of the Caribbean spirit and soul: the new wallcoverings will reference the British botanical patterns, favoured by rich fabrics of 19th century England, but rendered in a fashionably contemporary pale sea-foam green that recalls the island’s frothy shoreline. The multi-coloured geometric carpet is inspired by the legacy of Caribbean stained glass windows; and the desk chairs are inspired by the flora and fauna of Nevis, with particular affection for the mischievous yet lovable Green Vervet monkeys that are iconic ambassadors of the island.

    The untouched island of Nevis prides itself of being the way the Caribbean used to be, with no fast-food restaurants and regulations stating that no building on the island is allowed to be taller than a palm tree. “The renovation of Four Seasons Resort Nevis underscores our commitment to a continued investment in the island of Nevis and its people,” said Gonzalo Güelman Ros, the resort’s General Manager. “With a partnership more than 25 years in the making, this project supports our common goal of being a destination of preference for Caribbean travellers.”

    Following the start of the room renovations, the resort will also begin a reimagining of its Great House and lobby areas, as well as its food and beverage outlets.

    Hamish Kilburn / 30.05.2018


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