Enhanced plans for LHG Aparthotel in London’s Wembley area

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    The new Aparthotel is said to further strengthen Wembley’s regeneration plans…

    LHG (London Hotel Group) hopes to further boost Wembley’s regeneration plans through the submission of an enhanced design for their previously consented aparthotel in Elm Road…

    LHG’s new internal layouts, designed with award-winning hotel architects Dexter Moren Associates, will add an additional 98 rooms, including 11 accessible guest rooms, without increasing the previously consented building height, appearance or basement depth.

    “By removing the leisure facility and restaurant plus a carefully thought through rearrangement of some of the internal layouts, the new plans will significantly improve the aparthotel’s room offering,” said Meher Nawab, CEO of LHG.

    The borough has identified a need for more visitor accommodation and LHG’s new proposals – which more than double the capacity of the current building and will result in a 226 guestroom aparthotel – will help meet that need as well as contributing to the overall regeneration of Wembley Central.

    “This enhanced configuration will bring the aparthotel more in line with the projected growth of the Wembley area and a closer fit to the demanding requirements of today’s business and leisure travellers,” continues Meher:

    The project is expected to bring an additional c£1.04 million pa spend to businesses within the town centre and create approximately 75 London Living Wage full and part-time jobs in the local area. This represents an additional c.£450K of local investment and 32 additional jobs compared to the previously consented aparthotel.

    The scheme is being put forward with a recommendation for approval from Brent Council’s planning department and will be decided in mid August 2018. To date it has received over 40 letters of support. If planning is granted, the new aparthotel is expected to open as early as 2021.

    Hamish Kilburn / 10.08.2018


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