An in-depth look at Roca’s new Armani and Modo bathroom ranges

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    “Always attentive to the changes in society relating to water,” Roca make bathroom solutions that are both sustainable and stylish. The Spanish company founded in 1917 have just released two new ranges, Roca and a Georgio Armani collaboration, Armani Roca.

    Roca have taken home awards for sustainability and innovation, and have grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of baths, sinks and showers. Their modern approach and considered approach over the last 100 years has led to international acclaim, and partnerships with the likes of fashion designer Georgio Armani.

    The Armani/Roca Baia collection features ergonomic shapes which feel retro, but they’re paired with up-to-date technology.  The collection has been described by the brand as “both contemporary and timeless,” towing the line of the designer’s clothes ranges.

    The countertop over-countertop washbasins heavily feature brassware, a staple material used heavily in the brand’s bathroom designs. The range arrives in quirky shades of matte gold and dark metallic, eye-catching and offball.

    A new range of classic brassware fittings have also been designed. The highlight of which is a retro-inspired bath filler (freestanding within the bath) features surprising thermostatic technology, and a vintage-inspired shower column.

    The range also boasts a new freestanding bath tub, wash basins, towel rails, and a new range of toilets and bidets with advanced technological flushes.

    ‘Griege’, brushed steel and chrome are further colour notes in the collection.

    Roca have also created their own genuinely ground-breaking new material, which they exclusively own. SURFEX® is quite remarkable. SURFEX is made from organic and 100% recyclable materials, and can be poured into bespoke moulds to create baths and sinks in new shapes previously impossible to make without seam and joints.

    When the statement pieces aren’t wanted anymore, the pieces can be reprocessed again and made into new designs. Also, the design of the new material conserves the water temperature for longer, and reduces minimal chemicals when created.

    Using the innovative SURFEX formulation, defined angles and shapes can be formed that other materials simply couldn’t create. From the design to the finishing touches, the material is really what makes this range stand out,” says Alan Dodds, Managing Director of Roca UK.

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    Adam Bloodworth / 01.03.2018


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