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    Amazilia by Harlequin
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    The Harlequin Studio has produced Amazilia, a stunning collection of fabrics and wallcoverings based on extravagant tropical motifs in magnificent colourways.

    The prints characterise the collection, encompassing delicate hummingbirds, botanically-drawn butterflies, fashionable feathers, glossy oversized leaves and etched elephants in stately procession. They are completed by ikat embroideries, trellis-style weaves and a stunning, mosaic-like tapestry weave depicting tessellated tulips.

    Amazilia by Harlequin

    Fauvisimo is a stunning collection of fabrics, comprising dramatic and painterly designs, inspired by the vibrant colours and bold brushstrokes of the early 20th Century’s Fauvist art movement.

    Its prints, which feature British birds, flowers and landscapes, are stunning in their spontaneous, liberated interpretation of the beauty and intensity of colour found in nature. The layering of rich, contrasting tones develops warmth and energy against the cooler backdrop of natural cloth.Harlequin 2016 Fauvisimo_20_LR

    The powerful colour palette ranges from cobalt blues and deep magentas to moody greys, sultry black and on-trend mustards, and includes softer highlights of muted greens, blush pinks and honey shades. Including embroideries, jacquards, weaves and prints, Fauvisimo’s refreshing fabrics, with their strong emphasis on colour, will add ebullience and character to any interior scheme.
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    Daniel Fountain / 16.05.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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