Could the bathroom spa become the hotel bathroom of the future?

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    Hotel Designs investigates why the conventional bathroom could soon be a thing of the past…

    As we come to the end of technology’s month in the spotlight, the editorial desk at Hotel Designs is somewhat looking towards to future, to every possibility. Everything as we know it has been scrutinised right up to the point where there have been questions as to whether or not there could be a better way to design the modern bathroom.

    At an exclusive press event at West One Bathrooms in Battersea, London, that very question was being asked to a sea of journalists. Why do we shower standing up, and could we introduce a better bathroom system into hotels that is more user-friendly and effective for everyone?

    The answer could very well have been answered by Sieger Design, who has recently unveiled a product that takes everything we know about today’s bathroom design and flips it on its head. At the event, the CEO and Managing Director Christian Sieger took the audience through the familiar conventional motions and brought forward the possibility that washing does not have to be this way. Cue the launch of Small Size Premium Spa (SSPS).

    “Our world is changing,” said Sieger at the event. “More and more people are moving to cities, resulting in an increasing scarcity of living spaces, high-rise apartments and modular hotels. The concept of SSPS fulfills all the standards of a luxury spa in a compact area that is entirely flexible.”

    Image credit: Siegen Design

    In an area of just 6m2, SSPS offers a surprisingly wide variety of usage options. The concept is based on a carefully designed zone of architecture and a functional arrangement of elements. The spacious wet zone, measuring approx. 3.5m2, is only separated from the dry zone buy a glass screen.

    Image credit: Siegen Design

    Image credit: Siegen Design

    There is a wide variety of usage options. For example, SSPS features both a vertical and horizontal shower. The integrated rain panel in the ceiling brings the world of nature indoors. And since the innovation shower applications make it just as comfortable to shower lying down as to take a bath, there’s no need for a bathtub. However, if a bath tub is expressly required, it can be precisely integrated and covered when necessary so that it can used as a seat during other regenerative treatments. Preconfigured scenarios blend light, fragrance and sound to create a soothing experience.

    In the dry zone, a double washbasin provides storage and sufficient space for two people. Extendable sprinkler heads and affusion pipes can be used to apply water to individual parts of the body, complimenting the fixed outlets.

    The mission statement of Sieger Design is to “Develop brand concepts and products with a unique selling point that is distinctive and success-oriented.” The design agency has been driving significant trends in the sanitary industry since the early ’80s and has been the innovative force behind many types of products. It seems, through broadening its horizons, the agency has opened up the very real possibility of the bathroom spa becoming a popular modern bathroom option that is accessible to all.

    If you would like to see the SSPS in action, head down to  West One Bathrooms in Battersea, London.

    Main image credit: Siegen Design

    Hamish Kilburn / 28.06.2018


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