Through the keyhole of the newly designed apartment hotel in the heart of Florence

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    M7 Contemporary Apartments in Florence, designed by the Italian studio Pierattelli Architetture, presents a new hospitality concept that combines the comfort of a home with the services and convenience of a hotel…

    Located inside a neoclassical building in the heart of Florence sits M7 Contemporary Apartments. Carefully designed by Pierattelli Architetture, the architecture firm has converted the building into an apartment hotel that consists of 11 original, new accommodation options. The concept of the hotel focuses on the guest and his/her desire to travel while feeling at home. The result is a hotel that shelters a well-balanced mix of luxury and design.

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    The M7 Contemporary Apartments projects began with the refurbishment of a historic neoclassical building, of which its interior was completely reinterpreted, creating a spatial subdivision aimed at maximum functionality and the exploitation of all usable space.

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    Minimalist interiors

    In the hotel, 11 large apartments are equipped with a kitchen and living area. The rooms stand out with linear design, consisting of furnishings with an intimate and refined touch. Each unit is different from another. For example, while one room adorns a minimalist, crisp-white look, another is decorated in wooden surfaces with a dynamic asymmetrical fireplace separating the bedroom from the living room.

    Each apartment is cared for in every detail with custom-made furnishings: from wardrobes to sofas, from takes to soft lights, every detail has been designed with the aim of the spaces looking and feeling unique and special. The jewel of these areas is the selection of iconic objects of Italian design that embellish the rooms and exteriors.

    M7, strategically located next to the 19th century Piazza della Libertà, prides itself on being the ideal home for those who appreciate design, location and functionality.

    Supplier list

    Fireplaces: Dim’Ora
    Bathroom fixtures: Pozzi Ginori
    Taps and fittings: Ib Rubinetterie
    Lighting: Flos, Marset, Foscarini, Artemis, Guzzini and Ares (outdoor)
    Kitchens: Arcline
    Objects: Kartell
    Parquet, Stones and Marble: Zanaga
    Windows: Cipriani Serramenti
    Bathroom Furniture: Chaos

    Image credit: Matteo Zita

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