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    Pier Range - Simpson's
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    Bathroom furniture allows designers to add additional storage space while also completing a room’s finish. Often, dead space under sinks is a difficult spot to fill successfully – with plumbing and piping to cover up – so using units is a brilliant way of solving this problem; and at the same time adding a cleaner finish to the look of the room.

    The units within the Pier range by Simpsons are a perfect example of stylish units to complete bathroom furnishings. With a range of mobile and fixed units – with cast mineral marble basins included – the Pier furniture selection offers finishes to fit numerous overall styles, being both aesthetically appealing and practical. The three finishes of Anthracite, Steel and Ebony will especially complement hotel designers going for colourless bathrooms.

    Likewise, for designers dealing with spaces too small to install a bath, choosing a small shower enclosure with a hinged or sliding door is the most practical option; both of which are included in the Pier range.


    Pier range - fixed and mobile storage units

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    Daniel Fountain / 11.04.2016

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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