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    Pitching the lighting of various spaces within a hotel is a challenging but rewarding experience for designers. The impact a well-appointed fixture can bring to a space or the mood created by just the right light levels can make or break a guest’s experience of a room.

    Yet, one of the hardest and probably the least-considered rooms is the bathroom. Owners on a budget will often divert money for lighting to areas deemed more important – the lobby, the restaurant, the corridors. But the bathroom is one of the key areas to concentrate on as a designer. Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is going to be one of the most-scrutinised rooms by a guest; especially as they will most likely begin and end their days in this room.

    From positioning vanity lighting correctly to pitching the right mood for ambient lighting, there are various facets to consider. Choosing the right fixture is one such consideration; and Hotel Designs Directory members Vaughan has a wide array of bathroom light fixtures for both the EU and American markets – such as the Arras Bathroom Wall Light (pictured below).

    The Arras bathroom wall light is available in chrome and nickel, has a special bulb fitting to ensure the light is IP44 rated while retaining a lampshade which can be made up in any colour or fabric to add a decorative touch to the fitting.

    For more information on this and other products within the Vaughan range, please click here. . .
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    Daniel Fountain / 05.04.2016

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