Roca’s product highlights from ISH 2023

Roca brought a taste of the Mediterranean to this year’s ISH bathroom trade fair in Frankfurt and on a stand designed to resemble a Spanish plaza, it showcased its latest collections, product innovations and cutting-edge technologies…

bathroom by Roca in white and terracotta for ISH

After a four-year hiatus, ISH proved it is still a must-attend event for the global bathroom industry and this year’s exhibition was busier than ever. Making a strong design statement, Roca showcased collections that were about both form and function.

The Tura collection made a strong statement, inspired by the architecture of Roca’s hometown of Barcelona and created by Catalan designer Andreu Carulla. Architecture is an essential part of Barcelona’s culture and indeed, the name Tura stems from the endings of two Spanish words, ‘arquitectura’ and ‘cultura’. Andreu’s inspiration for Tura was drawn from several architectural sources, including the graceful curves of Antonio Bonet’s La Ricarda, the geometric shapes of José Antonio Coderch’s Casa Ugalde and the rationalist approach of Josep Lluís Sert in designing the Joan Miró Foundation. The influence of these sources can be seen in the shape of the Tura washbasins, where square and rectilinear lines are met by soft edges and subtle curves.

Andreu was also inspired by the Mediterranean light and the way it interacts with the slats of shutters that cover windows in homes throughout Spain. As a tribute to the shutters that captured his imagination, Andreu incorporated slatted shelves into his Tura furniture. The collection also includes waterproof felt storage boxes (for putting on the shelves) and drawers and comes in a choice of Matt White, Light Noble Grey or Light Terracotta, which recall the soft tones typical of a Mediterranean colour palette.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Tura collection, with many aspects designed to minimise environmental impact. The furniture and bath tray are made with FSC-certified wood, while the sanitaryware is 100 per cent natural ceramic. The height-adjustable bath headrest is made from recycled outdoor fabric and the felt storage boxes feature recycled cork lids. Overall, Tura is a collection that is flexible enough to feel equally at home in the bathroom of a modernist apartment, a family home or a country house.

brightly coloured taps displayed on white background. Taps in NU range by Roca

Image credit: Roca

Another nod to the Mediterranean was the launch of the exciting Nu collection, comprising taps in brilliant bright colours, also reminiscent of the 20th century architecture of Barcelona. Nu is the French word for ‘nude’, which inspired Inma Bermúdez and Moritz Krefter of Studio Inma Bermúdez to simplify the tap design by eliminating unnecessary elements, leaving only what they deemed essential. The result is a slender 35mm diameter body, Roca’s thinnest to date, which comes in Mint Green, Cobalt Blue, Honey Yellow, Titanium Black, Glossy White and Chrome.

The Nu collection includes three different handles – Pin, Dome and Stripes. Pin has a thin, elongated handle that gives it a slightly bird-like form, as though it is ready to take flight. Dome embraces a rounded, organic form, while Stripes is inspired by the grooved knobs on old stereos. Another playful detail of the design is the use of red and blue dots to indicate hot and cold water respectively, discreetly located under the handles. When the handle is tipped back to turn the tap on, the design creates a smiling face, bringing joy to the user’s everyday routine.

dark slate bathroom with Roca's In-Wash® Insignia shower toilet

Image credit: Roca

Roca’s In-Wash Insignia shower toilet was another brand highlight at ISH 2023 and promises to be its smartest WC yet. Users can program daily functions and adjust operating modes via remote control or the In-Wash Insignia mobile app. These functions include a night light, the opening and closing of the toilet seat lid and adjustable washing features. Users will also receive notifications and alerts for optimum management of their WC. The In-Wash Insignia boasts several technologies to enhance its performance. These include the Roca Rimless Vortex Hygiene Flush, which maximises water flow and ensures effective flushing and cleanliness and a Supraglaze coating that allows microscopic residue to slide off, preventing dirt buildup.

A self-cleaning nozzle with UV-light eliminates 99.99 per cent of bacteria, while a carbon filter eliminates odours. The In-Wash Insignia also has a descaling function to prevent limescale build-up. Finally, a coanda-effect dryer ensures the perfect drying experience by propelling air at the right speed and pressure.

Finally, the In-Wash Insignia incorporates Roca’s exclusive In-Tank technology, in which the cistern is integrated into the bowl. This creates a design that is both more space efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

The Tura and Nu collections and the In-Wash Insignia shower toilet will all launch in the UK later this year.

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Main image credit: Roca