UNILIN unveils an even more sustainable oak finish

Suppliers of innovative wood-based solutions for building and interior design projects, Master Oak by Unilin, provides an answer that is both authentic and sustainable…

master oak panel by UNILIN

The impressively authentic Master Oak from Unilin Panels is available on HDF panels made with 100 per cent recovered wood, and sets a new benchmark in authenticity for decorative finishes, presenting lifelike decors that look and feel just like genuine oak. Hardwearing, scratch and UV-resistant and easy to clean, Master Oak is suitable for a wide range of interior applications, including doors, shelving, furniture, desks and walls.

“Unilin’s Master Oak’s matt finish delivers a luxurious appearance and has a unique pattern – just like genuine oak,” said Caroline Van de Populiere, R&D Director, Unilin Panels. “That natural appearance is enhanced even more by the different types of pores and depth variations. Together with the outstanding performance of decorative panelling and our 100 per cent recovered wood MDF and HDF, you end up with a product that masterfully outshines genuine oak. Master Oak has a natural appearance, is scratch-resistant, colourfast, and low-maintenance.”

The company has invested in developing a process that allows it to use 90 per cent of wood from post-consumer sources such as unwanted furniture and building timber without compromising the quality or integrity of its products. Through advanced sorting and cleaning processes, it removes all impurities for a high-grade wood fibre suitable for products. This process gives more life to more than 1,000,000 tonnes of waste wood every year.

Master Oak is available in six colours – brown, natural, double fumed, light natural, everest white and elegant black – in a range of HDF panel sizes, as well as HPL and edging tape, for use in doors, walls, shelves and bespoke furniture production. All of these finishes can also be combined effortlessly with any type of substrate such as MDF or chipboard, and comes in fire-retardant, moisture-resistant and formaldehyde-free variants.

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Main image credit: Unilin Panels