Product watch: Marqueterie by Arte

Arte has launched Marqueterie, a new collection inspired by geometrics and woven craftsmanship…


Following hosting a roundtable on ‘a personal approach to surface design’, Arte has launched a new wallcovering collection, inspired by playful geometric patterns and considered craftsmanship.

Red geometric wallcovering in living room

Image credit: Arte

The natural product sisal, a hardwearing fibre from the agave plant, forms the basis of the Marqueterie collection.

The authentic woven pieces are cut and arranged by hand in diverse patterns. The traditional marquetery or inlay reveals striking geometric figures.

Green geometric wallcovering in living room

Image credit: Arte

Both the varying direction of the weave and the colours create an unusual depth and texture to this fully hand-crafted wallcovering. Depending on the incidence of light and the viewing position, a subtle sheen becomes apparent adding a new dimension to these striking wallcoverings.

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Main image credit: Arte