Hotel flooring ideas: ‘floored’ by functionality & style

Hot from making its debut at Milan Design Week last month, and giving perspective to this month’s special feature, RAK Ceramics explores different hotel flooring ideas, textures and materials…

Urban grey flooring tiles in bathroom

Practical, versatile and stylish hotel flooring ideas don’t get much better than porcelain tiles. Strong and durable, this is a material that is suited to all areas of a hotel, from lobby to guest bathrooms. 

Porcelain tiles tick all the boxes from a practical perspective, but also from a style point too, being available in an array of sizes and in a wide range of colours and patterns to offer an extremely versatile flooring option.  

The manufacturing process of porcelain, which uses a finer and denser clay combined with high temperature and high pressure, results in a material that is far stronger than other types of ceramic, which is what makes this a material that is highly suited for flooring. Areas such as washrooms and bathrooms can benefit in particular from the properties of porcelain, which because of its density is extremely resistant to humidity and water.  

Style-wise, porcelain tiles are an extremely versatile flooring solution, due to the sheer variety of designs and colours available. Tiles can be printed or embossed in numerous ways and solid floor tiles can be mixed-and-matched in patterns and colours in any number of ways. They can be chosen to match or contrast with wall tiling and splashbacks for a cohesive look and can be chosen to replicate the look of many hardwoods and natural stones for the ultimate luxe look. 

Nature-inspired tiles are very much on-trend and porcelain offers the perfect opportunity to bring this look into the home without compromising on function. Tiles with a subtle or a bold marble-effect pattern work well when teamed with materials such as wood, bringing nature indoors and creating a calming, timeless and high-end look that works well across rooms including the bathroom and the kitchen. Revised classy marble and granite inspired patterns displaying elegant veins used on kitchen floors, for example, create a sophisticated ambience that is the epitome of luxury and sophistication.  

Solid, durable and extremely versatile, RAK Ceramics Curton (see main image) are stone-look porcelain tiles that make a highly attractive visual impact. Creating a welcoming atmosphere that suits a sophisticated environment and giving a sensation of wellness and relaxation, Curton is available in beige, taupe or grey. 

Valley Stone Ambiance- Living Closeup

Image caption: Valley Stone by RAK Ceramics. | Image credit: RAK Ceramics

With Valley Stone, RAK Ceramics reinterprets the ancestral charm of stone and transforms it into a tile that is perfect for high traffic areas. Solid, durable and extremely versatile, the stone-look tiles have special features and highly attractive visual impact.  

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Main image credit: RAK Ceramics