A tile collection that knows no limits

Chart is the tile collection exclusively available from Parkside Architectural Tiles that, according to the brand, knows no limits. And here’s why…

Chart by Parkside

With 19 colours, multiple formats, a selection of finishes and mosaic pieces, Chart is the tile collection for designers looking to explore the creative potential of tiled surfaces. Now available from Parkside, the collection can even be used outdoors, seamlessly connecting environments.  

A porcelain bodied tile in a palette ranging from natural tones to bright, high-impact colours, Chart can be used in all kinds of places – everywhere from schools to offices, retail and hospitality spaces – bringing a smart and practical surface that can endure heavy and sustained commercial use. With natural, polished and Silktech (PTV 36+) finishes, the collection can also be used on floors and walls, bringing a highly coordinated look that can be smart and sophisticated or bold and colourful. 

Highlights of the collection include three mosaics including Mosaico Tears and Mosaico Mix patterns that can be used to add design features, as well as four different square and rectangle options available as standard from stock. Special sizes of 20 x 120mm, 15 x 60mm and 10 x 60mm can also be made to request. 

Parkside supports Chart with a full range of accessories, including compatible adhesives, profiles, membranes, movement joints and complementary grouts for a readily accessible and complete tiling solution. The collection is now exclusively available from Parkside. 

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Main image credit: Parkside