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    The WELLCOST budget creation application can now be viewed online. The software provides Purchasing Agents, Owners, and Developers of Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure Complexes with easy to use, pre opening FF&E programme.This application is the first stage of what is probably the world’s first truly comprehensive asset management solution. Highly graphical and user friendly, this Hospitality costing and Purchase order creation logistics solution simplifies cost and order control.

    This can be achieved one of two ways. First method makes use of an electronically entered “Designers’ Book” (including photographs and drawings). Second method uses a categorised, comprehensive database of items stored in the program, perhaps previously used in other projects. Either can of course use previous WELLCOST project books, and a part of our service is data integration.

    Request for Quotation documents are quickly produced and emailed to pre registered suppliers. Alternatively they can be uploaded to the web enabled FF&E tender module. This application can be integrated with your corporate identity. When added to your web site, this forms an essential part of the unique WELLSTOCK Costing, Procurement Inventory control and Asset Management solution. The Tender module downloads selected supplier values, which can then create Purchase or Service orders independent of the WELLSTOCK inventory and logistics program.

    This invaluable product is written in SQL ensuring that it will perform speedily for the largest of projects. The main screens are designed to allow printed “screen shots” to form an important part of presentations, coupled with the comprehensive reporting provided.

    Its recently published Whitepaper can be viewed on www.wellstock.net. The package can be used on line through rental or can be bought for loading onto your own servers.

    Daniel Fountain / 26.01.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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