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    W Hotels Worldwide has unveiled the innovative design concept for the highly anticipated W Guangzhou Hotel & Residences. Slated to open in early 2013, the first W Hotel in mainland China will introduce Guangzhou to a new style of modern luxury, featuring cutting-edge architectural and interior designs by an eclectic assemblage of international designers. With a striking exterior by renowned architect Rocco Yim, W Guangzhou will feature dynamic interiors by New York’s Yabu Pushelberg, Glyph of Toronto, Hong Kong’s AFSO, A.N.D. of Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur’s DesignWilkes. Providing a rich mosaic of architectural design elements, W Guangzhou will stylishly depict Guangzhou’s unique juxtaposition of an ancient city in the midst of a modern industrial and economic explosion. Owned and developed by KWG Property Holdings and managed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts, W Guangzhou will join the ranks of a fast growing portfolio of W Hotels in vibrant destinations and exotic locations throughout Asia Pacific, including Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Maldives, Koh Samui, Bali – Seminyak, Taipei, and just recently Bangkok.

    A Mosaic of Design – Embracing the Past, Present & Future
    As a global design powerhouse, W Hotels Worldwide pushes the boundaries with each new hotel to create innovative, yet locally relevant design stories. In partnership with KWG Property Holdings, W Guangzhou has assembled a team of cutting-edge regional and international designers to develop the hotel’s design narrative, which brings to life Guangzhou’s ancient culture and promising future.

    W Guangzhou boasts a striking exterior by architect Rocco Yim of Rocco Design Architects Limited, who has developed some of China’s most recognizable and iconic projects, including Hong Kong’s International Finance Centre and Hong Kong Station as well as the Guangdong Museum in Guangzhou. The building’s exterior has an asymmetrical shape with a sleek sheath of black glass punctuated by architectural cut-outs and bright glass highlights. Layer upon layer of color, light and texture weave a vibrant, modern palate that is exciting, stylish and provocative.

    The hotel’s major interior spaces each feature unique design concepts that work together to create a rich medley of experiences that capture Guangzhou’s position as an ancient city in the midst of a modern evolution. Inspired by the intricate Kesi tapestries of the region and Guangzhou’s storied history as a center of commerce and culture, the spaces utilize multiple colors, innovative installations, bold lighting and dynamic textures to dramatically transition from one to another.

    W Guangzhou will introduce the city to new style of modern luxury with a range of 320 contemporary guestrooms and suites designed by Yabu Pushelberg. The hotel’s destination bar, sure to become a new hotspot in Guangzhou, will feature a stunning, bold design that is literally out of the box. Architect and designer Kosaka of A.N.D. has created a four-story lit glass loft suspended from the side of the hotel with optical fiber strings of light cascading down the inside of the glass, creating a pulsating effect of light and energy that can seen from both the inside and outside the hotel.

    Yan Yu, W Guangzhou’s signature Chinese restaurant, will feature a modern design by DesignWilkes inspired by the orchid, a flower treasured throughout Asia and valued for its multiple color varieties. With a creamy white palette to anchor the interior, each private dining room will reflect a different color on the orchid spectrum, while servers will move around in colorful silk uniforms of mandarin, fuchsia, lemon, lime and plum – a prism of color to be reflected on the white background.

    Innovative installations will be found throughout W Guangzhou, including the stunning three-story “Luminous WaterWall” in the entrance of the hotel. Developed by WETDesign, the piece has been inspired by impressionist paintings and is a liquid mosaic of light, lines and color that evolve, entwine and collide to create a vibrant, dynamic entry. Other installations will be cleverly functional, including a piece by Yabu Pushelberg that will frame one WOOBAR’s lounge areas, a suspended modern nest, supported by an elevated walkway and tethered above and below by thing metal strips to create an intimate and provocative space with views of the hotel’s Living Room (the W brand’s twist on the traditional hotel lobby).

    Daniel Fountain / 15.01.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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