Trevira CS – activities at MoOD 2010

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    The marketing activities surrounding the Trevira CS topic are continuing as before. The main theme for this year is the slogan “30 years Trevira CS“. Trevira decided to participate again at MoOD and maintain its sponsorship programme as a trade fair partner. This again includes presentation of the Trevira CS Award for the finest new Trevira CS collection. The Trevira fair stand this year projects a workshop atmosphere. The stand walls have a brick-built look, with customer fabrics displayed on 5 wooden ladder systems. On view will be in total 30 fabrics by 21 Trevira CS suppliers, in colours ranging from white/beige to grey/dark brown. The presentation shows what Trevira has achieved after 30 years working together with its customers. Nowadays flame retardant Trevira fibres and yarns are able to serve every trend. The dominant theme this year in decorating the Trevira stand is the “natural look”.

    Today’s decision-makers in the contract sector, and consumers as well, take a much closer look when choosing textiles – materials have to convey value both in appearance and handle. The question of “sustainability” has moved into textile design as a creative force. Patterns are becoming less important, as the material – determined by the character of the yarns – takes on greater significance. Trevira CS partners are increasingly using coarser, rustic yarns, flammé and with knots, and the embroidery yarns too are heavier. Effects and structures are largely determined by the use of fibre yarns. Lace and embroidery are also on show, either as heavy drapes or in the use of these coarser embroidery yarns. Patterns are restrained, as structure and material make their impact. One finds interpretations of the nature theme in Trevira CS quality, that range from fine drapes, to decorative fabrics and upholstery materials.

    For thirty years now Trevira CS has moved with the sustainability trend. Economic consumption of water, detergent and energy in cleaning and maintenance of the products makes them kind to the environment during their working life.

    Daniel Fountain / 19.09.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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