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    Nothing stops DeskPoint from providing Wi-Fi for your guests…

    Not even construction type.If your property is hard wired for high-speed internet, you can now provide your guests with wireless as well, regardless of construction type.

    Maybe your hotel is a concrete structure designed to withstand extreme weather maybe it’s an historic building made of brick or stone. You don’t need expensive retrofitting o provide a wireless signal. Concrete or masonry walls can weaken a conventional wireless signal creating weak spots or no coverage at all. We have a better solution.

    • DeskPoint™ works right out of the box
    • Just plug one per room into existing high-speed internet connection points
    • A unit in every room provides 100% wireless coverage
    • Eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots and customer complaints
    • Still provides a wired access point for guests without Wi-Fi
    • Hotel engineers will appreciate built-in management features

    Even if construction type is not an issue for you DeskPoint is still the perfect, affordable solution for providing wireless Internet for your guests, all without new cable runs.

    Daniel Fountain / 20.09.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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