The Trevira CS Club: stronger cooperation brings success

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    In January the Heimtextil international trade fair took place in Frankfurt and for Trevira CS, its premium brand, Trevira presented a new marketing concept to top customers and trade press representatives. The fibre manufacturer from Germany will be supporting its customers even more strongly, with the aim to expand, on a global basis, their brand for permanently flame retardant textiles, which is particularly well known in the contract sector.Key aspects of the concept are new additional measures to protect the brand and to increase market awareness. The main focus, however, is on further improvement of the traditionally close relationships with customers, as Anke Vollenbröker, head of Marketing, explains: “Trevira CS stands as a trademark for the textile fabric and with every new collection it is our customers that give the brand significance. If we want to expand our product even more, then the best way to do this is to support our partners at the separate processing stages to bring their Trevira CS products to market successfully, and that means on a world-wide basis as well.”

    The Trevira CS Club – the community of partners

    At all stages of the supply chain there are a large number of suppliers who process flame retardant Trevira fibres, finish the yarns or manufacture and distribute Trevira CS textiles. Trevira is introducing a club model, on the one hand to reward particularly important, committed and dedicated partners for their loyalty, and on the other, to grow further business with flame retardant products. All companies that have a trademark contract and use the Trevira CS brand, belong to the “Trevira CS Club“, the members of which have the standard services of Trevira available to them. These include, for instance, the trademark test, IMO testing, technical support and trend advisory, product literature and certification, and also some participation in fabric catalogues. For top partners the Club model envisages award of Silver or Gold status, which can be gained on the basis of established criteria. The criteria do not reflect turnover alone, but also take account of such factors as loyalty, creativity or the international presence of the partner. Gold and/or Silver status are awarded in each case for one year.

    Club members with this status may call on special additional services. The latter will cover a variety of measures, from fast track processing of trademark applications, to offers of participation at trade fairs, promotion of international projects and communication measures. Partners will be classified annually, so that other members of the community too will have the opportunity to acquire Gold or Silver status.

    Gold and Silver members

    The Gold and Silver members for 2012 were introduced on the occasion of a customer event at Heimtextil.

    Silver members are
    yarn manufacturers Spinnerei Lampertsmühle and Textilgruppe Hof (D), Selvafil (E), Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche and Torcitura Padana (I),
    fabric makers Gebrüder Munzert, Pongs Technical Textiles, Rohleder and Spandauer Velours (D), Velours Blafo (F), Fiorete Group, Tessitura Mario Ghioldi, Lodetex and Pugi R.G. (I), Ludvig Svensson (S) as well as the converters Exclusive Wind Design (B), Höpke Möbelstoff-Handelsgesellschaft, Kupferoth Interiors, Schewe Textil and Zimmer + Rohde (D), Lelièvre (F), Panaz and Sekers Fabrics (UK).

    Gold members include:

    yarn manufacturers Fil Man Made Group and Torcitura Lei Tsu (I); fabric makers Müller-Zell, Schmitz-Werke and Verotex (D), Gaudium (NL), FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano (I), Dina Vanelli (TR) and Creation Baumann (CH) as well as the converters Sonnhaus (A), JAB Josef Anstoetz, Nya Nordiska Textiles and SAHCO Hesslein (D), Kvadrat (DK) and Kobefab International (NL).

    In his address Trevira CEO Robert Gregan explained the aim of the new concept: “Working with our customers and partners we want to pool our strengths along the supply chain and exploit the growth potential lying in our strong brand and in the many creative products that are technically and qualitatively outstanding. We are investing in this potential“.

    The brand seen from a customer’s perspective

    Guest speaker Andreas Heydasch, CEO of Müller-Zell, reported on his experiences gained in 27 years of partnership with Trevira and explained why the brand Trevira CS is important from a manufacturer’s point of view: “With every problem we had solved and with every crisis we had mastered during these two and a half decades our trust in Trevira CS increased. We realized that Trevira CS helps us to be different from our competitors. The worldwide contract-market will continue to grow also in the future, and with our customers, partners and with Trevira we have excellent partners for this concept. We should be proud of our brand.”

    Daniel Fountain / 25.01.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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