The Tobaco Hotel; Łódź, Poland

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    The Tobaco Hotel is located in the centre of Łódź among historic tenement houses and old factory buildings. Karol Kretschmer had operated a wool textile factory there since 1895 and in 1932, the National Cigarette Factory opened on the former textile factory premises. Nowadays, the whole building complex has been modernised and adapted to housing and hotel purposes.The hotel’s interior has been designed by the “EC-5” studio and reflects the spirit of the 50s and 60s. The dominant colours, both in hotel rooms and communal areas, are steel grey and vivid blue, violet and green. The yellow colour constitutes the leitmotiv of the whole complex, appearing in the corporate identity and in the decoration. Many interior furnishings, as well as most furniture, have been made of walnut veneer, the finishing of which is high gloss and matt. Dark and vivid colours have been confronted with white walls, floor and window decoration. Thanks to this technique, the effect of bright and spacious interiors has been achieved.

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    Daniel Fountain / 06.11.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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